• TimeLord15

    Alright so I don't know how I should really put the results, so I'll just do the 1st-3rd place, k? 

    1. Days of the Owls by Hunter :) 

    2. half blood spies by the collab people (really cbs typing it all out) :D (Can I just say ermagawd that torture scene) 

    3. The bob in our stars by townsies :p



    Well I read the stories and a lot of it just didn't grab my attention like, okay cool, I wasn't really...idk...grabbed by them which is why I put the one that actually grabbed my attention in first place cause let's be honest though a lot more description could be placed in it, it was evenly done, and the reason 'the bob in our stars' isn't higher is cause I found it was too much description, well actually, I don't w…

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  • TimeLord15

    I like guys.

    There, out of the closet.

    Lol kidding.

    Ok so, I think we can all agree on something here that all of us has lied about something...and it has been coming out lately so here it is. My turn. I did something bad ;) 

    Ok to all seriousness here, it's not like I sockpuppeted or anything or like I don't know something against the rules, just I haven't been entirely honest with you all. 

    Basically. My age. And my face. Kind of. 

    I'm not fifteen.

    I'm kind of seventeen.

    I'm turning eighteen in August.

    Reason? Well cause I once was on a young wiki (like this) where everyone looked up to me and blah blah blah, you know? Like just cause of my age they didn't treat me like a human being. I was a god in their eyes. I hated it. So when I came to this …

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  • TimeLord15

    Gummy Bears

    January 20, 2014 by TimeLord15

    Gummy bears are far better than chocolate. Just saying. How could anyone not like gummy bears, it is a blasphemy to the human race, if you do not like gb then you are a disgrace to the human race =.=

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  • TimeLord15

    Internet gone haywire

    January 13, 2014 by TimeLord15

    Sooo my internet on this pc goes haywire sometimes so I might just join blink when he's online on the same account cause I like talking to u guys so I dont want to stop it :) :) :) so dont be shocked if I just appear on blinks account or find blink has been editing my pages or fact pages or w/e because it is most likely me. Id give u chocolate but wikia is thinking it is spam >_>

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