Chapter 1: Nick Fury walking in Sheild Hq. talks to scientist bloke about the tesseract. Ir's 'misbehaving'. The a beam of blue energy comes from the tesseract and it hits the ceiling. Beam stops but the ceiling is covered in blue stuff and Loki appears. Agent Birkin (Hawkeye) comes along but loki puts his septre thingy on his and mr scientist mans chest. Mind control ,Nick thinks to himself, Help us all. He escapes the room and orders everyone to follow Loki. He gets to his helicopter and gets in the back. Leaves and follows Loki from above. Finds loki and takes a shot at him. misses. Agent Birkin fires an arrow at the helicopter. Hits and explodes. Nick jumps out the helicopter just before it crashes and explodes. He orders everyone to go to Sheild's helicraft. Orders someone called Phil to search for Tony Stark and tell Natasha Romulov (Black Widow) what happened and that she needs to get Bruce Banner. Conversation ends. Nick walks away from the crach site and is thinking about what he'll do. He knows that he needs to get Steve Rogers (Captain America) but he knows that he needs something or someone else. He remembers there being to camps. One in California and the other in Long Island. He goes to Long Island first and enters Camp Half-Blood. Chiron doesn't know how this happened but, when Nick Fury tells him what happened, he agrees to give him the best he has. He calls out seven names and tells them to help Nick or the world will be in worse shape then it woud be if Gaia succeded. They follow Nick to California and they enter Camp Jupiter. Nick tells Reyna and Octavian what happened. They call out two names and tells nick that they're the best the camp has. Nick takes the demigods with him and recuits Steve Rogers.

Chapter 2:

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