Hi guys. If you have/haven't read my first Fan-Fic 'Before The Storm' then this blog will tell you what stories I'm thinking of doing. Don't worry if you haven't read the first one, because this is still avaliable 4 all 2 read. B)

Festive season:

Easter - Happy Easter demi-gods

Halloween - The Seven have returned

Christmas - It'll be Lonely this Christmas


A Nightmare on my Street - Based on the Halloween song by The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith.

C'mon - Based on C'mon by Panic at the disco

All I want for Christmas - You've guessed it haven't you. It's based on All I want For Christmas by Mariah Carey.

I Will Be - I will be by Leona Lewis. 

Uptown Girl - Based on the Billy Joel version

The Call - ' from the Chronicals of Narnia (Completed)

Still Dream - Based on the theme from Rise Of The Gaurdians

Thriller - Another Halloween hit by Micheal Jackson

A Winters Tale - Another Christmas hit by David Essex


Resident Evil 6 and Heros of Olympus - The seven are spending the winter in Camp Half-Blood. They are in a meeting when Leo gets a text message. It was sent by a guy called Leon. What does he want?

The Aftermath: The Bane Of ZeusIt's 1:30 in the morning on 5th December. A young girl called Kim, 13 years of age, has a nightmare. She wakes up screaming. She remembers that Jason and Leo are coming over for Christmas. Then, she gets a call from Annabeth. Looks like she's coming as well. But Kim's hiding something. Something that, if told to the wrong people, would get them all killed.  (Not exactly a crossover but it kinda turns into one later on in the book. On the drawing board.)

The Avengers & Demigods Assemble '- The Tesseract's in SHEILD'S HQ. It's 'misbehaving' and a beam of blue energy is released, causing Loki to enter. He destroys the HQ, takes the lead scientist and Agent Birkin a.k.a Hawkeye and 'expands' their minds. Nick Fury manages to escape in a helicopter. When his helicopter is shot down, he decides that Loki caused an act of war. He calls his men and tells them his plan. (On the drawing board.)

 A New Engineer - A crossover between Star Trek Enterprise and Demigods. It's also my fanfiction contest story but here's the link anyway.

Feel welcome to give me more ideas for Crossovers in the comments or on my message wall. The more the merrier so the saying goes. Thank You B)

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