Hey people.

Right so. This is the blog plan thingy for Another Demigod. It's a story in case any of you were wondering.

This will involve the characters included, a main plot which I haven't actually thought completely of yet. Lol. And people writing it. Haha.


So first up is characters xD. So far there are four OC's but I have only created one character page so far. Work on the character creation will be slow due to my laptop needing a new charger. It should be coming on Friday or something. Anyway, here are the characters.

1. Skye Lerman

2. Crystal Greenfield

3. Sophie Peacock

4. Natasha 'Tash' Reeves

Main Plot

So, I know that it's set during Heroes of Olympus. The second chapter will be finding out their godly parents and having a tour around camp, But then the third could be the start of the lost hero kind of thing, and then once that is finished need to Skip son of Neptune but maybe have a chapter for Christmas and birthdays and stuff. Who knows. Then Mark of Athena and then House of Hades. But I don't know. All depending.



Characters will be added along the way of course, and the main plot might be changed. 


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