Silverwind of MountainClan

aka Silver or Silverwind

  • I live in an unknown world
  • I was born on July 2
  • I am a cactus
  • Silverwind of MountainClan

    This may as well be the end of wiki life for me.

    I'm underage. By now a lot of people who know me by chat probably suspected this. Maybe I should've said this earlier... I didn't want to get banned or looked down upon because of what age I was, but now I suppose I will. There's an age restriction for a reason right? To protect younger people from cursing, and inappropriate content. Um... yeah, I listened to a lot of this stuff on chat, and being the person I am and the things I have seen, I honestly didn't care.

    I want to say thank you so much Camp Jupiter for being such a great community. You guys make this wiki so much more.

    Um so I think this is goodbye. Again, thanks so much! 

    ~Silverwind~ Try and fail, but never fail to try. - Jared Leto 21…

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  • Silverwind of MountainClan

    Once upon a time... A chocolate man called "Bob" was hiding in a tree, with his stash of chocolates. A random person called Silver saw him, and randomly pulled out a BB Gun from nowhere. She aimed at his face. "Hands up!" she cried. "Gimee that chocolate!" She stopped for a moment, thinking of the Camp Jupiter Wiki. "Or, we could give it to Sibby. Who is apparently the chocolate eater..." Bob shrunk him and his chocolate down to three inches. He was scared, so he hid in a knothole in a tree. Then, it was sealed up by more wood. Silver became very mad. She lit off all the TNT at the bottom of the tree (Who puts TNT there?). She thinks better (not really) of it, and remembers the yummy chocolate is in there! Recklessly, she runs in to get th…

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