And we have yet another spectaculous ceremony that shall be put together by non other than Miss 4evs. My daughter is getting married to Sir Moodle. He is an honorbale cow dragon and I approve even if I never know what he's saying. If you do not agree with your spots that have been chosen for you at the bottom, please feel free to comment below and I will cross your name out.  I have decided the date of the wedding shall be the SAME DAY AS THE VALENTINES PARTY WOOP WOOP RAISE THE ROOF~!

Groom: Moodle

Bride: Hunter

Wedding Planner: Sibby (me)

Bridesmaids: Nicky, Days, Maze, Piper, Gail...

Flower Bunnies: The Bunnies (Ash & Dany}

Best Man: Jason 

Ring Bearer: 

Maid of Honor: Doppy

Priest: MattS.


Moo and me :3

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