Hey guize I won't really be on that much seeing as I got suspended: The person next to me was playing music and my phone was in my legs but you could see my headphones and my teacher is a major "SHAWA" Excuse my french...I mean Japanese! Anyways he sent me to the principle because I refused to give him my phone, seeing as I wasn't breaking of the school policies and I got suspended for a day. My mum threw my phone so I don't know if it's broken but I'll snap most of ya if it isn't ;) Hopefully I'll get off punishment soon, probably not, but hey I love all you guize

Love all my kids and my dearest Blinky and my Twins: Towns and Time<------haha double T~! Anyways <3 chill out I'm safe *XOXO* 

~Sibby the chocolate Miser

In eternal light for eternity History Repeats itself~Synchronicity 22:29, February 4, 2014 (UTC)

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