After our materialistic holidays are finished we move to a more serious topic. Neglected Christmas items still on shelves, children still begging for more. And the ongoing fight for popularity. So after a 2 week Holiday hype I had a stop at the candy aisle! I buy a gingerbread house (I'm always late for these things.) So, I made the house. With the gingerbread MAN. Now this is where it gets serious, the debate for years. Why are gingerbread men more important than gingerbread women? Well this age old battle dates back to the 60's with the fruitcake protest. Gingerbread women were tired of the gingerbread man crap. So they decided NOT to make meals for their husbands. After only 120 gingerbread houses burning to the ground, the grill was invented and man learned how to make medium rare gumdrops. Then in the 80's the gingerbread women hit the grills with their best shot... Literally, one even sniped her husband... What a fateful day for Jimmy Gumdrop. In '85 eggnog was created, making gingerbread men act crazy when they drank all of it. Now if their Nogtic levels are over .9000 they are to be exiled into the human world. That's why more and more gingerbread men are being produced, and probably why we don't see much of female gingerbreads. UNTIL the '90s, the revolution of gingerbread men scared the gingerbread women. While they were happy people were eating their lazy husbands, they wondered what'd happen if the humans made more... Well we did because we are Americans and we do what we want apparently. To this day on all the real gingerbread people died out. Now we can't enjoy what sweet creatures these were... Nobody is more popular than the other. The media just wants more males to attract more customers. So if you think you are being treated unfairly, think about the gingerbread people's extinct population, just to be replaced by some cruddy cookie. Sexism isn't the problem. It's how we look at life. We are all equal even if your population is extinct... RIP Jimmy Gumdrop

A loving thought

January 10th 2014 - January 10th 2014


#JGumdrop #TheKillWeNeverExpected #360NoScope #WomanGotAim

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