• Hey, I'm NuffSaid aka NuffSaid1995 I'm planning on joining this wiki.

A few facts about me

  • I'm a ginger
  • I love track (Javelin, 1600 mtr, 800 mtr Relay)
  • I also dabble in basketball but running is amazing.
  • I came from brickipedia (yay LEGO)
  • LEGO is a hobby, not a toy. I usually build figs, make stories, and I'm planning on making modern architecture...
  • Flickr is amazing
  • Watchmen is amazing (read the graphic novel 'It's ranked in the top 100 books ever')
  • I've been drifting away from Percy Jackson for the past few years ;c

Anything else

  • I may make sig-figs for this wiki, as it hopefully won't turn into an overwhelming trend as it is on brickipedia
  • I love to help
  • If you need to contact me email me at (I had to choose '09 since my name was already taken... Gmail is weird)
  • This wikia apparently loves dating but I'm taken... By school work and studying science
  • You know too much about me, oh and I have a skype but I'm not giving the username out :3

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