aka [Nexus™]

  • I live in Washington, USA
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is Building
  • I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!
  • NuffSaid


    January 29, 2014 by NuffSaid

    Ello everyone! I've been gone for quite awhile because I'm moving away from wikia onto another host! So that was just an update and my somewhat farewell

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  • NuffSaid

    After our materialistic holidays are finished we move to a more serious topic. Neglected Christmas items still on shelves, children still begging for more. And the ongoing fight for popularity. So after a 2 week Holiday hype I had a stop at the candy aisle! I buy a gingerbread house (I'm always late for these things.) So, I made the house. With the gingerbread MAN. Now this is where it gets serious, the debate for years. Why are gingerbread men more important than gingerbread women? Well this age old battle dates back to the 60's with the fruitcake protest. Gingerbread women were tired of the gingerbread man crap. So they decided NOT to make meals for their husbands. After only 120 gingerbread houses burning to the ground, the grill was in…

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  • NuffSaid

    Joining the wiki!

    January 8, 2014 by NuffSaid
    • Hey, I'm NuffSaid aka NuffSaid1995 I'm planning on joining this wiki.

    • I'm a ginger
    • I love track (Javelin, 1600 mtr, 800 mtr Relay)
    • I also dabble in basketball but running is amazing.
    • I came from brickipedia (yay LEGO)
    • LEGO is a hobby, not a toy. I usually build figs, make stories, and I'm planning on making modern architecture...
    • Flickr is amazing
    • Watchmen is amazing (read the graphic novel 'It's ranked in the top 100 books ever')
    • I've been drifting away from Percy Jackson for the past few years ;c

    • I may make sig-figs for this wiki, as it hopefully won't turn into an overwhelming trend as it is on brickipedia
    • I love to help
    • If you need to contact me email me at (I had to choose '09 since my name was already taken... Gmail is …

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