Welcome to the Camp Jupiter Wiki, the Roman form of Camp Half-Blood!

This Wiki is a collaborative website about Camp Jupiter, designed for Roleplaying, Facts about Camp Jupiter/Rome and Fanfictioning.

If you are a new user and would like some help, please contact one of our admins: HunterofArtemis12 or any of our rollbackers, and chat moderators.


  1. No Flaming, harrassing, or assaulting another user. (Ex. Cyberbullying.)
  2. No spamming on pages, or talk pages.
  3. No abusing the posting of links to other sites!
  4. No sockpuppeting (having more than one account without good reason.)
  5. No copying from other sites.
  6. No editing other users' pages without permission, including fixing mistakes. (Leave it alone.)
  7. No inappropriate or sex related discussion.
  8. No cussing at other users, on stories or in the chat. You ARE however allowed to in general say, "Damn this chair!" But not to another user.

Weekly Poll

5th Cohort or the 1st Cohort?

The poll was created at 12:26 on March 20, 2013, and so far 5 people voted.

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