aka Erwin Rommel

  • I live in East Prussia
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Reichswehr officer
  • I am male
  • LelouchviBritannia

    Emo or Scene

    December 13, 2014 by LelouchviBritannia
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  • LelouchviBritannia

    grounded 2x

    August 11, 2014 by LelouchviBritannia

    I wasn't on for long cause I was grounded. I'm currently sneaking onto my computer so I won't be in further trouble.

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  • LelouchviBritannia
    • Knightmare Frames
    • Geass
    • Zero
    • Futuristic artillery and machine guns/assault rifles
    • Slash Harkens
    • Missiles
    • Knightmarer Air Cavalry
    • Knightmare Marines
    • Bullet-proof Armoured troops

    • there won't be any advantages Rome will have over Britannia. They'll just fried by the Britannians in 2 seconds


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  • LelouchviBritannia

    Jase's Lost

    February 3, 2014 by LelouchviBritannia

    Jason was waiting for a fight with Sib and had started. He sharpened his spatha while Sib turned on her chainsaw. The fight started. They were gonna kill each other but then Sib said truce. Suddeny, Sib kicked Jason on the stomach so hard that he coughed up blood.

    Jason then saw everything in a red haze. He realized he was dying. The ground next to him was soaked with blood and then realized he stabbed himself. Everything went dark. 

    Sib stood there next to Jason's body. "You're no fun" she said.

    Then Jason came back and Sib told him to write a story about his failure. Jason then got to it.

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  • LelouchviBritannia

    Vow To Piper

    January 4, 2014 by LelouchviBritannia

    To Piper,

    I vow I won't hate you and to love you for long

    Where love between us will it belong

    For long our souls have began to love

    And please be blessed by the dove (Venus)

    For nature's first green is bold

    And Always you will stay gold

    Thou will always be

    The goldest I ever see

    With love our relation will stay

    And will never decay

    And for you to ever be hurt

    I will cry in blurts

    Until time's end

    Our love will always extend and never end

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