No, I'm not dead, but my inactivity has proved me quite absent from this wiki. I'm tired and so I won't write much, I will just give a straight-forward answer:

  1. Other Roleplay Commitments: If any of you search up "RomeCraft: Legends of Rome", you will know it's a roleplay server for Minecraft. For the Roman faction, I am a Centurio (Centurion) of Cohors VI, Legio I Augusta. As such, I have responsibilities. In the last few months, I've been busy leading the cohort in events, constructing buildings, forts and more, holding trainings, discussing civic matters with the politicians in the RP scenario that's going on, etc. It's quite a demanding position and this accounts for most of my inactivity.
  2. School: I am trying to get my English grades up, that's all
  3. Loss of interest in wikia as a whole: I'm not sure where this came from, seeing as a portion of my friends are from wikis across the interwebs, but I've just gotten bored of wikia life. It feels more like a chore than anything for me to have to log on and maintain a presence. I feel almost pressured to be on here and this very concept repulses me; I don't like having to do things not of my own free will.
  4. Exams: Self-explanatory

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