The intent of this blog is to provide the stunning revelation that has surfaced within me...I detest cookies (This is a dare from a game of Truth or Dare).

Firstly, it has come to my attention that cookies, especiall chocolate ones, stick to your teeth. This is absolutely horrible, especially if you are trying to give a good impression (*winkHunter< 33 wink*). A horible dark, gooey mess on your lips is an inconceivable and horrifying thought. Secondly, the cookie sticks to your teeth and this makes you look like you raided your friend's kitchen and taken/eaten all the cookies. It gives one the impression that you either: 1) Rely on eating as your source of succumbing to depression. 2) You just generally like to gain weight  or 3) You just like to eat (which in society's eyes is unnaceptable and passed off as gross). Finally, it makes you seem childish in a peer's eyes in that you are just stuffing your face with cookies. It is a shameful practice that should be outlawed in all countries and all cookies should be subject to incineration.

Secondly, eating cookies can be hazardous for your health. To start, this gooey, conglomerate mess of diabetic overload can stick in your throat, rendering you unable to breath, in turn effectively killing you if no aid is recieved. Nextly, if this mess goes into your lungs, you have a good chance of developing pneumonia in the lungs and dying. Lastly, it is a safety hazard to little children, who do not not better than to stuff disks of sinfully and suspiciously good tasting treats in their mouth.

Lastly, they are not diabetic friendly. It can lead to high blood pressure, especially in diabetic people, increasing the chances of strokes. Also, what if this gluten in the cookies were to stick in the arteries and veins? That would cause one of your blood passageways to rupture and that quite a big deal.

In conclusion, because of these reasons, cookies are dangerous and I urge you to handle them with care. Remember to wear safety glasses, carry a bottle of emergency water, and to handle cookies with care.

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