On behalf of the Camp Jupiter Wiki's Staff, I am proud to announce the implementation of events! Events are fixed roleplau scenarios where in your character's choices will have an impact on New Rome. Events will be divided into acts, released slowly. It will help guide the wiki onto a course of events from which more content will be made available to the wiki. Remember, your character's choices could have positive or negative effects on New Rome. In events, you will be responsible for roleplaying heavily, including getting to destinations. Appointes usees or staff members will supervise the course of these quests, adding roleplay where needed.

ACT I [To be Released]: Turmoil in Nova Tarentum

Summary: After the events of the war against Gaia, colonists from Nova Roma (New Rome) left Camp Jupiter, travelling east. They found a perfect place for a new colony, in between one of the high, desert river valleys near Carson City, Nevada. They named the settlement, Nova Tarentum, New Tarentum. However, communications have suddenly gone silent between New Rome and New Tarentum. Strange monsters were last reported by the stationed auxiliary Roman cohort. It is the job of Camp Jupiter's campers to regain contact with the colony and to investigate the reports of monsters...

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