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  • HunterofArtemis12

    New Improvements

    December 20, 2013 by HunterofArtemis12

    I was looking at the wiki and decided it was time to improve some things. So, these are a few things that the wiki will be trying to install:

    • Options bar in chat
    • Chat emoticons
    • Better homepage (comment your ideas)
    • more and easier access to templates
    • better background (comment your ideas)
    • Color scheme change to more Roman colors like Imperial Gold and Purple
    • Wider wiki staff 
    • Roleplaying is being taken up again 

    This blog may be changed/edited within the next few days so be sure to check daily. Add you comments below. 

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    ANNOUNCING the winner of the November Roman Eagle Fanfiction Wiki Contest!

    This is just to say: This month there were fewer entries but we had some really good quality! Thank you for your time and effort and I hope you participate again. While there are no prizes for second and third place, it's still fun to brag!

    In reminder: First place winner will be awarded with badge that will appear on their userpage (and they can move around as much as they like), bragging rights and the choice to help judge the next Fanfiction Contest. (Not including their story, however which will be judged by either HunterofArtemis12 or DaughterofPoseidon14.) 

    3. Tick Tock -Wiki Contributor 

    2. Generosity -TheBestDaysofUrLife

    1. Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe -Nickystella…

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    Alright everyone, I'm going to need everyone's help to pull this off and clean up the wiki! It's come to my attention that the wiki is a little unorganized, hard to find things, etc. So I've decided that we need to get rid of some categories that don't need to exist and add some that do. 

    1. Categorize your pages. 

    Fanfiction stories is located under: Fanfiction 

    Delete categories: Fanfiction stories, Fanfiction Stories 

    Add your user name. Ex: I made a fanfiction story. I would put in: HunterofArtemis12 (my username). 

    Fact Pages go under Fact Page. Try not to put too many categories delete unnecessaries. 

     2. Comment on stories. 

    We've all been reading eachothers stories, I know we do. But, I want to make sure everyone know's their story is apprec…

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    While it was hard to pick who the winner of September 2013 Roman Eagle Fanfiction contest was going to be, I had to come to a decision. A note to all those who entered: You all did an amazing job! I loved reading your stories, and it was almost too hard to choose. I will write the order of the stories in the top three, in which they were placed.

    3. The Shadow Demons 

    2. The Daughter of Trivia

    1. My Wish

    To all the others, I say again, it was just so so so hard to pick! All you did an amazing job and I hope you participate in next months!

    As only the winner gets prizes, the other two did an amazing job and are now allowed bragging rights. (Haha.) SearchingforPaperTowns will recieve a badge which will appear on your homepage within the next day o…

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    It's come to my attention that one of our users has pointed at that we should start up the Fanfiction contests again. I need at least four people to interested so I know if it's worth it.

    Please visit the Roman Eagle Fanfiction Wiki Contest page (the name is something close to that) and I will write more when I can find a computer.

    Questions? Opinions? Comment below!

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