The Excuses:

1) Top priority right now is both GRADES (which means school, tests, homework, etc) and VOLLEYBALL. (Positive note: DoP and I are swinging from JV to Varsity! Which means: plays for both, swings back and forth.)

2) It's a routine. Leave at 6:45 AM. School ends at like 3:10. And volleyball practice or a game everday until 7:00 PM. If it's a game it could be like 9:00 PM. And them come home, eat, homework, sleep do it again.

3) That's why I can usually come on more over the weekends. Except this weekend we had a volleyball all day tournament (we won undefeated by the way...just thoughtid throw that fun fact in). Then we had a sleepover with our friend. On Sunday we left our friends and saw the maze runner (I DEFINATLEY RECOMMEND IT- IN FACT THATS AN ORDER!! GO SEE IT!!!) then went to a sort-of-not-really-because-of-the-wind bonfire at Youth Group. Then it was back to the house, eat, homework, sleep.

4) which leads to this point right now and I leave in 10 minutes for school. (I wrote this on my iPod sorry if there are spelling errors.) and I'm about to start that routine again.

5) so mainly I also want to hear what has been going in and stuff in your lives. I meant going on not going in but I'm too lazy to go back and delete it. So! Comments?