While it was hard to pick who the winner of September 2013 Roman Eagle Fanfiction contest was going to be, I had to come to a decision. A note to all those who entered: You all did an amazing job! I loved reading your stories, and it was almost too hard to choose. I will write the order of the stories in the top three, in which they were placed.

3. The Shadow Demons 

2. The Daughter of Trivia

1. My Wish

To all the others, I say again, it was just so so so hard to pick! All you did an amazing job and I hope you participate in next months!

As only the winner gets prizes, the other two did an amazing job and are now allowed bragging rights. (Haha.) SearchingforPaperTowns will recieve a badge which will appear on your homepage within the next day or so. You will also decide the subject/topic of next months contest in which the writers will use to type their stories and if you want, to judge with Hunter in the stories. (Required that you do not write a story yourself.)

Fantastic job to everyone! The next contest will be up today, will you be the winner? 

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