So, it's true! We have decided to add Roleplaying and Fanfictioning, for your enjoyment! (This Wiki needed a little sprucing up). Roleplay Rules are seen here[1] . And,Fanfiction Addicts- these are your rules to follow and obey  . 

I've also, announced we are holding War Games once a week in the chat room! I've decided that the day for that, will actually be tomorrow if I can recruit some people to participate. If I can not, I will keep you updated, if that changes. 

The rules for that, are also in the Roleplay Rules. Another thing active users (1 WOW that is kinda sad), I also am doing Fan Fic Contests, in which the winner gets all the rights listed in the rules on the link for Fanfiction Rules. There we have it for now! 

That is mentioned here: This Link RIGHT HERE

Comment below, on how you feel, what you want, etc. Thanks!

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