True Story which literally happened on 1/10/14 

Ricky the hamster was born in seventh period at HunterofArtemis12's school. 

It was during a quiet Language Arts class and the teacher was absent- leaving a mere unknowing substitute in her place. 

So, then one of Hunter's friends who we will call Bethie (for sake of secret identities xD) dropped her homework and rushed over to her back pack.

"What's wrong?" Hunter asked. Her other friends, Anna and Jackie voiced her question with concern.  

"Ricky is goooonnee!" Bethie wailed and showed us her backpack as if that made any sense. 

"Who's Ricky?" Jackie asked carefully. 

"MY HAMSTER!" Bethie was seriously upset. "Actually, he is my brother's hamster. But I took him to school with me because he promised to be good all day. I noticed he was hot in that stuffy back pack, so I think I put him in my pocket...or...I don't know!" 

Everyone got on their knees and looked for the hamster (which by now you've hopefully figured out wasn't real at all and we were tricking the substitute). 

Hunter decided asking people if they'd seen him was pointless. She made a sign instead. 
Photo (14)
Photo (12)
 The sign is to the left


Ricky is eating a carrot in his left paw. Just between his legs is a chicken leg (What did you think it was???) and he is obviously very fat. He is also missing. Very fat. Very missing. 

It was decided that Ricky the Hamster was not to be seen. Some horrible fate must have awaited him and the substitute was not amused. The students were shushed back to their seats with a lot of "Get to works" and "stop screwing arounds!" Jackie, Anna, Hunter and Bethie did as she said, but on a piece of paper they decided to draw some more happy things about Ricky. 

To the left is a picture Hunter drew (credit to Hunter for all this lovely drawings). It is of Ricky who had 4 hamster babies. Apparentally Ricky is a girl, contradicting the chicken leg in picture 1. The hamsters are nomming away. By the pointy tail at the rear may appear to be a butt crack, but I assure you any real life

resemblences were probably an accident. Probably. I like to say it's shading. 

Photo (13)
This is one of Ricky's (her...although we like Ricky better as a him) children. He grew up to be a tap dancer.                                                                                                                                        ----------->

And the small half circles on his chest, happen to be patches of fur. Whatever you were thinking about that too, it's called shading and patches of fur not anything innapropriate or anything. 

Ricky Rude

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