ANNOUNCING the winner of the November Roman Eagle Fanfiction Wiki Contest!

This is just to say: This month there were fewer entries but we had some really good quality! Thank you for your time and effort and I hope you participate again. While there are no prizes for second and third place, it's still fun to brag!

In reminder: First place winner will be awarded with badge that will appear on their userpage (and they can move around as much as they like), bragging rights and the choice to help judge the next Fanfiction Contest. (Not including their story, however which will be judged by either HunterofArtemis12 or DaughterofPoseidon14.) 

3. Tick Tock -Wiki Contributor 

2. Generosity -TheBestDaysofUrLife

1. Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe -Nickystellar

Congratulations to these three users! 


The past couple of weeks, I've been debating over promoting several hard working users and demoting less hard working users. So, if these users so accept I would like to promote you to either Rollback or Chat Moderator (or both) for the time being. (You can always be promoted from there.) 


1. Sibuna4Evs (I think would be best as a rollbacker. 

2. Nickystellar (I think would be best as a rollbacker and chat moderator). 

3. DaughterofPoesidon14 (Come on chat so we can talk.) 

I would like the three users who were offered a spot on the staff to make an appointment with me on chat so we may discuss anything that could be of issue. In Private Message of course. 

Demotions will also be coming this following week.

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