So it's been in my mind lately that we need less fact based pages and more FanFiction and Roleplaying. That's the purpose of this wiki- so why do we have so little of it? I click random page and almost every time I get a fact based page. Lets step it up wikians. I know we're few but maybe we can recruit more people and such.

Secondly, for fact pages I want only Heroes of Olympus/Rome related articles. Camp Jupiter didnt come until the second series, so we have less to cover. (Non-related pages are deleted)

Third, I want to see the wiki act like we're all friends. Maybe that's hard to do but I want to see a little respect out there. And I'm talking about everyone, not individuals. I've seen it happen in the past, I want to see support for the fellow users.

Almost last topic: add categories to your pages so users can find what they want more easily. If your page has no categories, chances are it will get lost.

Final thing as mentioned before: RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT get people you think would be interested and bring them to the wiki. I want this place to thrive!

Comment below and tell me what you think would help this wiki. I'm open for ideas!

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