The Roman Eagle Wiki Fanfiction Contest

I've added a link, to help you understand our Roman Eagle Wiki Fanfiction Contest, so hopefully this helps you understand what it is! 


Due by March 31

The theme is Spring

1,000 words at least (short story)

At least 2 characters

The results will be out by April 3rd

The winner get's (in some occasions) RB rights or Chat Mod for a month. They also get to display a banner on their User page for winning, and are gien excessive bragging rights. 

A question that came up: It can be about anything>

Answer: Techinally, yes you can. It has to have something to do with Rome, Camp Jupiter, Roman demigods, Roman gods, Roman godesses, Roman anything. Even Roman Myths, and older things. It doesn't matter, as long as it relates.

Please see the link above, for more details! As always, if you have questions, comment below, ask me on my Message Wall, or catch me on chat. 

Have an awesome day! 

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