Alright everyone, I'm going to need everyone's help to pull this off and clean up the wiki! It's come to my attention that the wiki is a little unorganized, hard to find things, etc. So I've decided that we need to get rid of some categories that don't need to exist and add some that do. 

  1. Categorize your pages. 

Fanfiction stories is located under: Fanfiction 

Delete categories: Fanfiction stories, Fanfiction Stories 

Add your user name. Ex: I made a fanfiction story. I would put in: HunterofArtemis12 (my username). 

Fact Pages go under Fact Page. Try not to put too many categories delete unnecessaries. 

 2. Comment on stories. 

We've all been reading eachothers stories, I know we do. But, I want to make sure everyone know's their story is appreciated, so a 'good job' and 'well done' won't take more than 5 seconds! Let's be a supporting wiki. 

3. Try to use proper grammar and language. I know spelling is hard for some people, and now I just sound like your teacher but if you can then spell it right (unless it affects how your story is supposed to be read, then ignore this). 

4. Have fun and just try in general not to be too sloppy. But, as far as I can tell this wiki is doing a great job so keep up the good work! 

5. A new rule that won't be permanent. You must write the name of the author at the top of your fanfiction so we know who it is. It's going to stay in place, this rule for awhile, just to see how it works.

*End Important Speech* 

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