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  • HunterofArtemis12

    You can RSVP, because it's cooler if you do OR just show up at the time!

    What time does it start and when? WE CAN PICK BETWEEN ANY OF THESE 4 DATES:

    Time? Standard Time Military Time 1:00 AM -01:00

    2:00 AM -02:00

    3:00 AM -03:00

    4:00 AM -04:00

    5:00 AM -05:00

    6:00 AM -06:00

    7:00 AM -07:00

    8:00 AM -08:00

    9:00 AM -09:00

    10:00 AM- 10:00

    11:00 AM- 11:00

    12:00 PM- 12:00

    1:00 PM -13:00

    2:00 PM -14:00

    3:00 PM -15:00

    4:00 PM -16:00

    5:00 PM -17:00

    6:00 PM -18:00

    7:00 PM -19:00

    8:00 PM -20:00

    9:00 PM -21:00

    10:00 PM- 22:00

    11:00 PM- 23:00

    Midnight- 00:00 If your not sure if your in Central Time, Pacific, Mountain or any of the others, you can Google it, or try and work it out with some of the staff. No specific time set, will need to set a date on chat so everyone can talk it…

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  • HunterofArtemis12


    We've stumbled upon the final book, the last book we will ever have from Percy and Annabeth's point of view! THE LAST TIME WE HEAR FROM OUR BELOVED FRANK MUSCULAR ZHANG THE ONE WHO TEACHES US THAT LIfE IS PRECIOUS AND A GIFT! THE FINAL TIME NICO DI ANGELO SETS FOOT INTO OUR LIVES AND TELLS US ITS OKAY TO BE YOU. No more shall Jason Grace fly through our dreams and teach us to reach for the sky! NO MORE WILL PIPER TEACH US TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES. Percy won't show us how to have courage anymore, how to rise and fall for everything you love and believe in. Annabeth's wisdom will not come anymore...Leo Valdez won't teach us how to light the world with our fire even when everything is se…

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    The Excuses:

    1) Top priority right now is both GRADES (which means school, tests, homework, etc) and VOLLEYBALL. (Positive note: DoP and I are swinging from JV to Varsity! Which means: plays for both, swings back and forth.)

    2) It's a routine. Leave at 6:45 AM. School ends at like 3:10. And volleyball practice or a game everday until 7:00 PM. If it's a game it could be like 9:00 PM. And them come home, eat, homework, sleep do it again.

    3) That's why I can usually come on more over the weekends. Except this weekend we had a volleyball all day tournament (we won undefeated by the way...just thoughtid throw that fun fact in). Then we had a sleepover with our friend. On Sunday we left our friends and saw the maze runner (I DEFINATLEY RECOMMEND IT…

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  • HunterofArtemis12


    Alright. Once upon a time...

    There was this enchanted forest. 

    This forest was named Jupiter

    • In the forest there was woodland creatures of all the sorts
    • but their ruler was the big tuff bunny rabbit, Ash and he ruled over all of the woodland creatures. 
    • There was only one threat in this forest however!
    • There was an evil witch named Sibuna, and she had a slave named Mags.
    • Poor Mags wanted to be free so badly!
    • But she was chained to her evil mother, that tried to torture the animals.
    • One day there was a great storm in a town not too far away from Jupiter
    • This storm seperated a father from his too twin babies
    • their names were Doppy and Hunty
    • They…

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    True Story which literally happened on 1/10/14 

    Ricky the hamster was born in seventh period at HunterofArtemis12's school. 

    It was during a quiet Language Arts class and the teacher was absent- leaving a mere unknowing substitute in her place. 

    So, then one of Hunter's friends who we will call Bethie (for sake of secret identities xD) dropped her homework and rushed over to her back pack.

    "What's wrong?" Hunter asked. Her other friends, Anna and Jackie voiced her question with concern.  

    "Ricky is goooonnee!" Bethie wailed and showed us her backpack as if that made any sense. 

    "Who's Ricky?" Jackie asked carefully. 

    "MY HAMSTER!" Bethie was seriously upset. "Actually, he is my brother's hamster. But I took him to school with me because he promis…

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