aka The Foreman

  • I live in Internationally
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is an occupational Hazard
  • I am An Internationalist
  • Freeman23

    Since writing the Alone, So Very Much Alone, story I have decided that unless somone wants to help contribute to the collaboration I will be closing it as a collaboration and keeping it has a story by one Author. Please let me know by July 24th if you want to join otherwise I will no longer make it a collab. 

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  • Freeman23


    July 19, 2014 by Freeman23

    Five years ago when I first created my wiki account I was determined to build a reputation as a reserved wiki user. When I contructed my first wiki, I had used the same user name that I have used these past five years. 

    This is a series of confessions I need for you admins to read understand and acknowledge. 

    1. My Real User Account Name is: Freeman23
    2. I lied when I said this was my first time on the Wiki as Seth Storm. 
    3. As Freeman23 I have been reserved and very formal. However this is not been the real me nor has it been for the past five years despite it begining my first account. 
    4. I once claimed I was evoultionist, and at one time that was true, that is no longer the case, you could say I did a 180 on that topic.
    5. I am a Born again Christian and …
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