"Official DaughterofPoseidon14 page"
This page's information was made/created by DaughterofPoseidon14.

Some other wikis administrators and i were talking. They informed me of a program they did as a wiki- in a way to show people they appreciated them. And even if you hate that person- idc. So if you want to make a blog. The blog will consists of the wiki community users that you appreciate the most. Such as my example.

Best friend that's female: (username goes here)

Best friend that's male: ("")

Best at cheering people up: ("")

Best person at making you laugh: ("")

My favorite user: /optional ("")

I thought this would be really supportive of other users. And many other wikis tell me it was good for them too. Comment below on what you think of this.

/honestly idk what to think but it's worth a try/

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