Expected Days and Time

(Please take in mind I do have normal school and break hours/days)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but until further notice highlight the following words.

Days of Availabilty
Monday • • contribs
Expected Activity: Expected to be free on normal basis. Excluding all holidays. Hours: 4:30 PM to 9:PM Active
Days of Availabilty
Tuesday • • contribs
Expected Activity: Volleyball until further notice Hours: WOULD NOT BE ON 5-6:30 PM +the drive home Active
Days of Availabilty
Wednesday • • contribs
Expected Activity: Youth Group Hours: WOULD NOT BE ON 6-7:30 PM Active
Days of Availabilty
Thursday • • contribs
Expected Activity: Homework/Home Hours: Same hours as Monday- 5-9 PM Active
Days of Availabilty
Friday • • contribs
Expected Activity: Volleyball Hours: WOULD NOT BE ON 6:30-8 PM + the drive home Active

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