FANDOM's been more than a year and you don't know how much I've missed you all. I've been busy (I know, I always say that...) and I'm not on that much... So, I was thinking of coming back, you know, with holidays and stuff I have more free time now. I won't edit much, but we can chat! I'd love to have your email's fine if you want to keep them private, but I just REALLY want to talk to you. So yeah, I've missed you guys, and I hope we're still friends. I'm dying to know how you've been, it's been a long time and so much has changed.

-Time, are you still into Doctor Who? Series 9 comes out 19th September!

-Hunter, are you still into volleyball? Ho is it going?

-Sibby!!! How are you? Do you still love chocolate?

-JASOOOONNNN]. How are you? Do you still like anime?? 

-Ash...ASH! How are you? I've missed you SO much. Are we still bunnies?

-DOP, girl, how is everything going???


Did any of you watch Glee?

Does anyone like musicals/theatre?

Who's still into PJO/HoO? Are you excited about Uncle Rick's new book?

Doctor Who? Anyone?


Do you remember the awesome selfie contest we had?

...And our balls?

And the time when I was obsessed with the Spice Girls? (I still am, just don't tell anyone...) were like a second family, and I'd love to talk t you again.



DanyYB~We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

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