It's very important that if you're in a hostile land where everyone is giant and wants to eat you, that you can survive for a least a few days in the wilderness. Here are some tips on how to do so....

1. Don't be stupid.

2. Always carry chocolate with you. (Keeps you strong and fit)

3. Be very quiet and don't make any unwanted noises

4. Beg for your life when threatened.

5. Hide constantly.

Silver "the Chocolate Man Eater" Tips:

6. Never melt.

7. Eat yourself, in case of dire starvation.

8. Make sure that if Silver ever gets you, don't get stuck between her toes or over her stinks.

9. Always make sure you have a friend with you when adventuring.

10. If Silver never finds you then something is very wrong. Maybe you should check it out. (But don't kill yourself!)


We hope this book helps all the chocolate people.


(Might add more. WIP)

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