Ok guys this is Noob,and today I will be pointing out diffreances between Harry Potter and PJO/HoO

  • Both stories have a trio.
    • Both of them consists of 2 boys and 1 girl.
    • Both of them have 1 boy and 1 girl dating (Ron/Hermione and Percabeth)
    • The left out boy dates a minor character (Grover/Juniper and Harry/Ginny)
  • The main character is a child of some famous guy
    • The main character nearly died in almost every. Single. BOOK.
    • The main character is always trying to get killed by their main enemy (Voldemort and Kronos)
  • Both stories have two brothers (Connor,Travis and Fred,George)
    • Both pairs love to prank.
  • The 1 boy and 1 girl kiss in the second to the last book.
  • There are centaurs in both.
  • There are giants in both.
  • The main character is hate by a family member (In Harry's case,his cousin and his dad and mom. In Percy's case,it's Smelly Gabe)
  • Both main characters lost a family member (Harry:Lost his mom and dad. Percy: NEARLY lost his mom)
  • The main characters are very famous in their respective places.
  • The main characters are the leaders of their groups. (Harry:Dumbledore's Army. Percy:CHB)

More to be added after I re-read Harry Potter.

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