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    Ok guys this is Noob,and today I will be pointing out diffreances between Harry Potter and PJO/HoO

    • Both stories have a trio.
      • Both of them consists of 2 boys and 1 girl.
      • Both of them have 1 boy and 1 girl dating (Ron/Hermione and Percabeth)
      • The left out boy dates a minor character (Grover/Juniper and Harry/Ginny)
    • The main character is a child of some famous guy
      • The main character nearly died in almost every. Single. BOOK.
      • The main character is always trying to get killed by their main enemy (Voldemort and Kronos)
    • Both stories have two brothers (Connor,Travis and Fred,George)
      • Both pairs love to prank.
    • The 1 boy and 1 girl kiss in the second to the last book.
    • There are centaurs in both.
    • There are giants in both.
    • The main character is hate by a family memb…

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    Guys I'm not gonna lie but the suspense is gonna kill me from keeping this from PJO and HoO fans:

    Me and my classmates were going up to our classroom screaming, "NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL!!" because of rain. When we got to the classroom I sat down on my chair. Our chinese teacher (Yes,I study Chinese) asked us, "Who stole the lightning bolt?" Me and my classmates started laughing our guts off and I got reminded of the rain,lightning and thunder. So I said in my mind If your real Zeus/Jupiter,can you make the rain even harder? and after a few minuites,one of my classmates screamed and when I looked out the window it started to get foggy and I heard even more thunder. My classmate said that the poor will have an even harder time so I praye…

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    A short story about how The Sea of Monsters was made to become this horrible movie of The Sea of Monsters book. Personally this movie was the worst one I ever watched in my entire life;they miss out on Blackjack,the prophecy is too early,AND THE LORD OF TIME IS FREAKING RESSURECTED RIGHT ON THE SPOT SO THANK YOU SEA OF MONSTERS FOR RUINING THE POSSIBILITES OF GETTING TO THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS --Blue Surge N o o b (talk • contribs) 10:15, August 28, 2013 (UTC)Blue_Surge N_o_o_b

    A short story about the Sea of Monsters.

    SoM Director:HAH! Lets get those Percy Jackson fans pissed! Ideas?

    SoM Script Writer:I know! Remove some parts of the books!

    SoM Filmer:Then lets get on with it!

    And so the anti-Percy Jackson peeps removed many scenes.....

    SoM Fan 1:OM…

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