(So here I am making my very first blog, and in hopes there are ANY fans of Unexpected out there, which does some irrelevant, a spoilers blog.)

Three Primary Main Character Groups

The series will have three primary main character groups, and each will have a different story arc:

  • Praise's story arcs
  • Thank's story arcs
  • Annabeth and Percy's story arcs

Due to this, the chapters will go in a cycle, Annabeth and Percy, Thank, then Praise, cycling from chapter to the next.

The chapters will be narrated by any one of the main characters in each story arc. Since Praise's story arcs' only other main characters haven't been introduced yet, only expect Praise to narrate the next few chapters. For Annabeth and Percy, Annabeth will narrate for two chapters, before its Percy's turn to narrate two chapters, then gives it to Annabeth and so on. For the Thank's story arcs, I am trying to make Bryce or Kate nominate one of the chapters, but I always find myself going back to Thank due to more personality.

Main Characters

I have made sure the characters are balanced from male to female, but due to a last minute change, it was changed to seven new characters like in Heroes of Olympus, being three girls and four boys besides Annabeth and Percy.

From the known characters, Kate, Bryce, Thank, Cora, Praise, Annabeth and Percy are part of the nine main characters. The two remaining characters will be a male and a female, and they will be introduced in Praise's story arcs, though one of them was mentioned by name only in one of the past episodes.

"Chaotic" Nature

The reason why everything seems so unclear in Unexpected is because its been planned from the very begining to be mysterious and unexpected. Making things too clear would make things expectable, and I want the readers to be shocked at every new revelations, although few will happen at this point.

Author Avatars

For you guys, I will tell you I put in two author avatars as main characters, but they are different and each will represent one of my aspects, dealing with my life. The first one is most definitely Thank, but the other is up to you to guess. You won't even expect who she/he is. So stay tuned.

On another note, I'd like to apologize for my recent disconnection from the guys here, due to not coming on chat almost at all. I feel like I am disconnecting from this place's chat life, so I will try to jump in at the best opportunities I am granted. Again, sorry for incoherence.

There has been a three day delay of chapter submittion between Chapter 3 and 4. I'll try not to have something like this again. I'd like for everyone who is reading the chapters to just comment so I can feedback. Thanks.

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