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  • I am a bunch of living tissues
  • Ahmad15

    Disconnected from the Wiki

    August 29, 2014 by Ahmad15

    So hey guys. I've been recently really disconnected from this wiki. Why? I've recently been promoted on another wiki to chatmod, after 2 whole years of serving that community.

    I had to spend at least a few weeks there all the time being on that chat.

    For a while now I haven't made a single chapter of Unexpected, nor did I go on chat. Sorry.

    Also, this wiki has died I see? :/

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  • Ahmad15

    Unexpected: Spoilers

    August 12, 2014 by Ahmad15

    (So here I am making my very first blog, and in hopes there are ANY fans of Unexpected out there, which does some irrelevant, a spoilers blog.)

    The series will have three primary main character groups, and each will have a different story arc:

    • Praise's story arcs
    • Thank's story arcs
    • Annabeth and Percy's story arcs

    Due to this, the chapters will go in a cycle, Annabeth and Percy, Thank, then Praise, cycling from chapter to the next.

    The chapters will be narrated by any one of the main characters in each story arc. Since Praise's story arcs' only other main characters haven't been introduced yet, only expect Praise to narrate the next few chapters. For Annabeth and Percy, Annabeth will narrate for two chapters, before its Percy's turn to narrate tw…

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