The Titaness Trivia

Trivia is the Roman Titan-Goddess of Witchcraft, Ghosts, Magic, and Crossroads. She was also the goddess of the Mist, a supernatural force which hides all mythological happenings from the eyes of mortals.


First Titan WarEdit

Trivia was born to the Titans, Perses and Asteria. During the First Titan War, Trivia allied with Jupiter and his siblings, thereby retaining her authority and power when the Titans were defeated and banished to Tartarus. As reward for her assistance during the war, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto granted Trivia a share in all three domains.

First Giant WarEdit

Clytius was the Gigante born to oppose Trivia. During the First Giant War, Trivia fought bravely against her bane. With the assistance of Hercules, Trivia used her torches to set Clytius alight, thereby defeating him.


As an Underworld deity and the Goddess of Crossroads, Trivia was a mysterious being. She had three aspects to herself: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. As Maiden, she is similar in personality to the goddess Diana, retaining a youthful demeanour. As Mother, like her title suggests, Trivia took on a more matronly and maternal air. In this aspect, she is said to be like Juno, and often consorts with mortals to produce demititan offspring. Finally, as Crone, Trivia appears as a wise old woman, sometimes said to be the "Fourth Fate".


Due to her three aspects, as well as being a Titan-Goddess, Trivia's appearance changes constantly.

In her Maiden aspect, Trivia appears in the form of a sixteen-year-old girl with curly blond hair and warm brown eyes. She wears clothing fitting for girls of the modern age.

In her Mother aspect, Trivia takes on a more maternal appearance. She has brown hair and bright blue eyes, with a more responsible air about her. She is described as looking like a fashionable mom.

Lastly, in her Crone aspect, Trivia appears in the form of an old woman. At first glance, she appears to look the typical evil witch from fairytales, but up close, Trivia is said to be like a wise grandmother with long silver hair and stormy gray eyes.


Trivia is among the most powerful goddesses in existence, but being worshipped as minor god limits her abilities to an extent. She has divine authority over magic itself, repeatedly called upon in spells by mortals to successfully achieve a magical effect.

Additionally, she has minor power over the domains of sky, sea, and Underworld, as reward for her help in the First Titan War.

Greek AspectEdit

In her Greek aspect, Trivia is known as the goddess Hecate. Being a minor goddess, the two aspects don't differ much, and are virtually identical that the Romans sometimes mistakenly worship Trivia as Hecate.


  • Trivia is the namesake of the word "trivia", referring to having knowledge of obscure information.
  • Due to her shared authority in the heavens, sea, and Underworld, Trivia has the potential to overthrow the Big Three, but chooses not to.

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