This wiki has a strict no tolerance of trolls Edit

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What is a troll?Edit

You might be asking yourself- what is a troll? And what defines a user as one? Well from quite a bit of experience, I can state that a troll is a) disrespectful to others, b) someone who spams on chat, on comments or articles, c)uses cuss words. (Strictly forbidden on Camp Jupiter.)

A troller specifically aims to be sarcastic and rude, or ruin someone's policies. As well as they like pointing out flaws in the guidelines for certain wikis. 

If you have any more questions- contact an Admin with your comment. 

How do we handle trolls?Edit

As for any user- we must treat each troll with respect. Such as if one were spamming, kindly tell them to stop. Each troll has 3 warnings. So if they refuse to follow the requests, they will be kicked.  If they continue spamming or trolling than they must be banned. However, if the ban is longer than 3 months than contact an Admin with reasoning why.

What can we do as a community- to stop trolling?Edit

Together, if we do as the previous steps said, we can banish trolls. Also if possible/convenient to you, contact community central with the username of the troller. Taking screenshot of what they said is also helpful. 

Such as the following conversation:

Troller01: I am a troll
DedicatedUser: *goes to community central or admin*

Therefore, you would screenshot that conversation and notify an Admin as well as Community Central. 

Banishing trolls one by one, helps make their race extinct. Trolls are not usually the type to stick to one wiki, and travel in packs. They often threaten with threats of "troll war" if you ban them. However go ahead and ban them if they do so. As well as many trolls can bypass the kick and ban buttons. Rendering them useless. Im

mediaetly contact an admin. 

Handling Sock PuppetsEdit

So, most trolls multiple accounts. Often they will come on chat all logged on, or use another account after being kicked or banned. They will try for a different personality- and be perfectly nice to gain trust. (Or sometimes not.) Often they will deceive others but tell one person on chat. Report to another user immediately. (They just can't helping bragging.) 

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