there is a whole world of tiny tiny people living in camp jupiter, they scrounge for food in the dining hall and try not to be seen. because if they are seen then everything will change, which would be bad for the tiny people.

it all started on sunny afternoon when i was digging through the huge trash can not truimng to be seen by the roman demigods. they didnt know we existed i was ok with that. we were barely surving as it was.

ESTHER! i hear my best friend shout. WHAT i yelled back as I carried an apple over my head. 

THEY KNOW ABOUT US THEY SAW MICHAEL TODAY AND STOMPED HIM my best friend, SJ cries. i climb out of the trash can and throw the too-heavy apple at the ground. WHAT HOW COULD THEY

michael was my friend and they just killed him. im not happy, i will kill them.

YEAH COME QUICK. WE HAVE TO LEAVE Sj says frantically. i shake my head and pick up my tiny dagger, which is really a shard of glawss. 

NO WE WILL FIGHT. Sj cheers in approval and i pick up my shard of glass and stab a roman demigod in the toe.

UNITE i scream to my brethen who pick up anything they can find a weapon and hit and stab at romans. we are soon overpowered, we r small. so then a nice guy with curly hair comes up and hides us in his shirt, says his name is leo. and he will help us escape and build a home.

leo says he can build good and knows where to hide us. leo takes the entire tiny village to a meadow where flowers are and sunshine. then he builds us all tiny houses and we live happily ever after

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