Defiance by louisagallie-d5zdv4t
Full Name:

Queen Tina Pulneri




Susan, Serenity, Sarah


Tina is the Queen of the Water country. Her kingdom lies on the vast ocean shore. Land is all around. She's the youngest of the four and believes in peace among her people. She is young so she doesn't have as much experience in life as her other sisters. Though she may seem strong and calm, her past will haunt her forever. Her sadness and mourning will never cease until the day her life ends. Tina doesn't think her conscious can ever be wiped. Her sisters don't even know of the great pain Tina feels. On the outside she shows a timid and more shy woman. The dwellers in her kingdom find her strong and powerful. She likes to stay in her palace, it's a safe place. Home is where the heart is. Her heart shall remain in that earthy home. Her kingdom might seem fragile compared to her sisters, but it's made out of rock and surrounded by water, so it's too Tina's advantage. There's rarely any enemies, though. Now that she's getting older, her sisters are talking to her more and telling her more things. She's not very open with them, but pretending is all apart of the she thinks. The tears run down her cheeks and unto her pillow every night. Water is apart of her daily life even when she doesn't mean in to be. Tina is strong, but yet she is not.  

Tina's Castle

Castle of azar by boosoohoo-d5jq8pl

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