She could feel her life ebbing away. 15 minutes left since the weeks ago she was born.

The moment Akini had been born she knew her life was tied to the clock in her old kitchen. Much like Grandpa Frank she was far too special for this world, as he liked to say. But hey, if he survived she could right?

Although her curse seemed more severe. How could you stop time? 13 minutes. Her brown chestnut eyes flickered as she watched the little hand love across the clock face. She grimaces in pain as eCh 'tick' and 'Tock' wracked her body. Grandpa Frank held her hand with his left hand with the clock in the other.

The clock kept going and they said nothing. Akini was sweating while Grandpa Frank muttered his own prayers to Mars. "Why did she have to recieve this curse?" He muttered to himself.

His old wise eyes were full of concern.

Fumbling. She heard a curse and saw the clock dripping to the wooden floor in slow motion. She sat up slowly in her bed, watching its movement. Her life flashed before her eyes.

And right as the clock hit the floor, everything went silent. Akini closed her eyes and gave into the endless sleep.

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