After the end of the eternal beginning, there were three young brilliant sisters. There names were Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. But, before the time f the cursed, Clitho was known as the lovely Clover and Ateopos was none other than Adonia. Lachesis was the delicate and soft spoken out Lacy, and all this was good from the time before the gods and the giants. 

Clover was of course, an elegant and radiant beauty like the rest of her two sisters but she had a  terrible secret. It was as if she could tell what the future would bring, and their fate, she hid from her sisters. 

Adonia caught her muttering things about "string, Rome, and Jupiter" several times but she never understood. And quite frankly, she was scared to ask. When Clover woke up, she clammed up like a shell, refusing to acknolowedge her nightmares to anyone except herself, locking them away inside of her like a monster in a cage.

And then the gods were born. Out of human ideas, theories and hopes. Born from the dust of mortal thoughts. Clover kept at it shouting these days screaming of a golden age and Fates and destiny.

Her sisters tried to understand the useless ramblings, tried to comfort their beloved sibling. It troubled them that something new was happening. Something strange and different.

"We are to be the keepers of destiny. The sisters of Fate."

Lacy never said much but she did when she heard this prophecy. (Or what can only be assumed was a prophecy.) "The keepers of destiny?" She whispered curious.

Clover wasn't the same anymore, insisting that her sisters call her Clotho this beginning the transformation into the new age.

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