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Sarah walked down the street. She kicked a pebble angrily. "Stupid parents never let me do anything." Sarah muttered to herself all down Chanston Lane. She walked and walked until she was out if city limits. She finally glanced up.

Where was she? She looked over to her right and saw a Friendly young man smiling at her. "Little girl!" He called in an Indian accent. "Come here I have much to show!" He grinned and Sarah felt persuaded to go over. In front if the man stood a little booth- consisting of tiny metal disks. Sarah's eyes narrowed. "What exactly do you sell??" She rudely answered him. The Indian salesman grinned again. "I can sell you memories." Sarah frowned. "Like computer memories?" She said. He shook his head. "No- no very similar. This memory- it change your actual memory." Her face brightened with new interest. "How does this work?" He smiled again. (Seriously the man didn't stop smiling.) "Take the disk, much like computer- and insert it in to the human. You will find the opening quite easily I'm sure. The only place where a disc could fit." His eyes sparkled. Sarah uneasily searched the discs. "Can you insert them into different people?" She asked finally. He nodded. "Oh yes if course and tell you what- you a very interesting customer, no? I make deal with you- but 3 discs and get 2 discs free!" He made a wide arm stretch, like a hug when he said free. Sarah counted her money. She only had five dollars, twenty cents and a gum wrapper. She showed him this. He frowned at her. "No no, this no good. See these discs very valuable- lots of money. 50 dollars each." Sarah thought quickly. "I can advertise and pay you back later." She suggested. The salesman grinned once again and obliged. Sarah purchased her new memory disks and went off home.

Sarah ran all the way home, anger to try out her new treasures. "Fool" she scoffs at the salesman. "The idiot thinks I will pay him back." Sarah smirked and burst into the house. She didn't even wipe her feet on the doormat, like her mom always told her to. "Mom?" Sarah called out into the empty house. He moms distant voice echoed down the hall. "Office honey!" Sarah rushed down towards her parents office and fingered the disk in her pocket. WIP supposed to be horror story.

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