Twice upon a time, a snow flake fell from the sky. Most snowflakes, have intricate designs carved delicately into their fragile ice base. It's what they are- etched into their very beings that make them so amazing.

So why, when this little snowflake fell from the sky, did shimmer and shine like only magic could? It was a gift from the gods, a present for the cursed one.

It was late in the night and Miss Reina had just given birth to her child- Tamara Aramat. The father was Thanatos.

As a child of The Lord of the Dead (not Pluto) she was sure to be plagued and cursed by less unfortunate demigods and monsters. Her life was misery and since it was so, demigods took to calling her that instead. And so, like a snowflake, the other half-bloods melted her intricate pattern in their hands, squashing it till she melted inside.

Misery was pretty normal, besides her pasty white complexion and dark ghostly black hair.

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