The Last Hero


The Last Hero, is a Fanfiction story written by HunterofArtemis12 . It is the first book in the 5 book long series: Days of the Demigods.


Lynx Avangeline was a normal kid until she discovered she was a demigod . She was on her way to the Wolf House when Saturn's army (the Titans) attacked. Lynx is quickly overwhemled, because she is by herself. She is taken prisoner, and meets two other demigods trapped there. They divise a plan to escape.


Lynx Avangeline- Lynx is a quick witted stubborn daughter of Bellona. She is a centurion in the second cohort, and has the honor of bearing their eagle displayed on a stand. She has light brown eyes and dark black hair. 


I've had just about enough of monsters. The first monster I fought this week was a stupid flying pig- I evaded it by running straight for a large tree then turning quickly. A couple hours later it was a swarm of killing flies. I'm not sure part of Greek mythology those come from. After that was the gorgons, then the hydra and the latest one was the minatour.

Will the fun never end?

That was sarcasm, for my audience out there. 

My entire body aches, my legs feel like jelly. I don't know if I can hold out much longer. I've been walking for days, I ran out of food a couple of hours ago. My stomach is turning into it's own monster, worse than any kind you can fight.