By: Hunter

"Bianca? Bianca are you out here?" Nico waded through the murmuring ghosts his voice hoarse from calling out.

The ghosts that had done nothing special in their lives but nothing evil. The fields of asphodel. Nico hoped he never ended up here. It was pure nothingness for eternity. And the sad thing was most people ended up here. Having done nothing important. They threw away their lives, they did nothing and then they died. Nico didn't want to be that person that waited. Death doesn't wait for you. He should know, Thantos was the god of death and he wasn't exactly sympathetic.

He'd been searching for Bianca for what seemed like ages. A long time. But she was no where to be found. Not in the Isles of the Blest. Not in the fields of punishment. So where? And then he saw her. Not Bianca. Another spirit, but this one remembered her past.

"You remember?" He walked up to her slowly.

The girl looked up. Her hazel eyes stunned Nico, they radiated power. Power not unfamiliar to him. It felt...sort of like his.

"Come with me." Nico urged out of instinct. "I...I was looking for my sister but she chose rebirth." He didn't know why he was saying all this but he felt drawn to her. And if he couldn't find Bianca- and he'd known the truth the entire time- he could save another. He could save the girl with the hazel eyes.

Author note: I don't know exactly how that scene went I'm just paraphrasing.

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