A Demigod Thanksgiving for the Roman Eagle Fanficiton Wiki Contest by PaperTowns

"Food. Land go bad. No food for Perseus and tribe." Perseus pounded his bare chest. 

Jason tilted his head and brought his pioneer hat back over his eyes to shade them from the sun. "Well...Chief Perseus, I'll see what we can do. We don't have much since the last winter but we wish no dispute with you and your tribe." He tried to speak slowly so the Indian would get what he was saying.

Perseus squinted and narrowed his eyes. "Tribe no want fight white men. White men give guns for pelts. We give beads of thanks." The chief summoned two Indian warriors that stood in the back with a chest of beads and they stepped forward.

Perseus bent over them and then turned back and presented Jason three necklaces. "Good men. No fight." His voice was sincere. 

Jason smiled. "Thanks." 

"White men like gifts?" A new warrior stepped forward.

At first Jason was taken aback by what he saw. It was a female, but it was clear she was not like the other girls. This girl, was clearly a warrior. She wore barely anything but a thin deer cloth that covered from her shoulders to a little farther up then her belly button. She donned a simple skirt and an animal bone dagger. Jason made a mental note not to mess with her.

Piper touched Jason's arms and stepped forward, clad in her Plymouth pioneer dress and shoes. Which was another thing- the Indians wore no shoes. 

"We love your gifts. I hope you will accept ours," She smiled warmly. She spread her arms and a large boy stepped forward. "Frank, give the plant seeds to the Indians." 

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