This contest is between Dayz and Piper and Dop think they look best in different circumstances. Who is right??? We don't really want to show faces so blurry back of the person shots! A fanfic js gong to be made out of this about three triplets who went different places and etc.

Gonna be a fanfic don't worry. 

1. Casual at Home Depot

2. Chilling at McDonalds in the Farmer girl outfit

3. Winter

4. Hairstyles (curled or straight...or yeah)

My hair


5. Super Bowl spirit

6. Athletic

7. Cowgirl

8. Random

9. Dresses

10. Bikini

wtflip Piper I hate you - days

ok fine just me for that one contest u can like be a wimp - paper

actually i gots one with my bf so suck it - dayz PS DONT SEE ANY ACTUAL ONES OF YOU

Me and my bf


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