"All finished."Leo said, "What do you think guys?"

Piper was speechless. It was the best thing he had ever inveted. It was amazing what he could do once he left the Argo II alone for a while.

"Just as I imagined." Jason said, "Does it speak the note?"

"Well, you need to speak into it first." Leo said ."Okay." Piper said, "Where's the note?" "Here." Annabeth said. She picked up the peice of paper , that was on the floor next to her, and handed it to Piper. "Thank you." Piper said. Leo handed her a microphone, "Why a mic? "Leo face palmed, "To speak into. It's connected to the note reading dove-device-thingy." "You could've just said that earlier." Piper said, "Anyway, is the mic on?" Leo pressed a green button, "Now it is." "Okay. So Kim, Leo, Annabeth, Jason and myself, just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please don't be mad that we didn't visit. We were in a rush. Anyway, stray safe and have a wonderful. Oh, and Kim has a crush on a certain Leo Valdez. So no more trying to get her a boyfriend. Thank you. Yours truly and dearly, Pioer, Kim, Leo, Jason and Annabeth"

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