(A short story about Leo Valdez)

Leo turned his hammer over in his hands, frowning at its cool metal surface. He thought Bout how his mother used to tell him that the hammer didn't build the things he crafted, it was him. Leo knew that it was supposed to be inspirational but it never felt that way any more.

He fingered his magic tool belt, the one that never left his waist and sighed. Almost all the cool things he ever did was only because of this tool belt. Making tacos would have never been possible without those pockets.

"Hey," a voice came from his left. Leo scrambled up clipping ok his tool belt right and standi up clumsily. He pasted a large smile on his face.

"Yeah? What's up Beauty Queen?"

Piper entered the room, admiring his bedroom. "It's nice in here." She commented. "A good place to think. To lie down and..." She cast a knowing gaze at Leo. Z

He put his hands in his overall pockets and shrugged. "Mother always said it didn't matter if my room was dirty,"

Piper picked up the hammer from the desk and thoughtfully tapped it slightly on the wood. "I bet she did. So, tell me why your sad."

Leo's smile disappeared. "I'm not sad."

"Well I must have been mistaken. Festus is ok the deck ready to be repaired fully but we don't have. Much time before he gets impatient. You know how badly he wants his entire body back thanks to those lasers at King Midas' and then Jason wanted a status on how long it will be till we get to-"

"Stop!" Leo waved hands like a circus director. "Wait Pipes...I- I am sad."

Piper grinned.

(Eh this story sucks ok going to re do it later)

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