Chapter oneEdit

The day that changed my life started as usual, I was being a stubborn jerk whilst my sister was on the receiving end. The only reason I was this stubborn was because she insisted on cleaning up my bed, which I purposely keep it messy just to annoy people which was a good thing, especially for someone like me with my curse. I nearly sighed when I thought of it but I held it back as I didn't want my sister to be distracted from yelling at me. I felt their eyes on me, the people that live in the same cabin with me who are the people I have to call siblings. I don’t consider them siblings, more of acquaintances who happen to have the same mother. I knew what they were thinking. Silently judging me. I knew what they would say to their friends later on after this. Will’s being a child again, as usual, why can’t he just grow up?

“Look just clean up, Will.” Annabeth said with a sigh as she finished yelling at me, I was a bit relieved at this, I didn't exactly enjoy being yelled at but I had to put up with it, I didn't really have a choice. The only way to stop her was to just clean up, and I couldn't do that.

“Nah I can’t really be stuffed.” I shrugged innocently and her eyebrow twitched in annoyance at me but she turned on her heal and walked away with her nose in her air and I smirked in victory. I waited for her to get over it and saw her on her bunk looking through some book. At the sight I began to clean up and was done in a matter of seconds but when I glanced up I saw her watching me and I frowned. It was only ten minutes later when the signal for breakfast came and the cabin of Athena lined up outside, from the counselor to the newbs, I was third in line straight after Malcolm. As we walked to the mess hall I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the mirrors a child of Aphrodite was holding, and ran a hand through my short black hair and my bottle blue eyes watched back at me warily. As we headed to the mess hall the chatter and noise coming from the open building washed over me but I pushed it away, not wanting to focus on the happy talking of the other campers around me.

As we sat down at the Athena table, thoughts swirled through my mind. Most of the thoughts were focusing on one thought. The thought that was ingrained into my mind for years his words whispering into my ears every time I lay down in bed. Everywhere you go, anyone who loves you shall die by their greatest fear; mark my words son of the Owl. I wondered what everyone around me would think if they knew what would happen to them if they liked me even remotely. They would be disgusted by me, to find someone that repels anyone. I bet Annabeth wouldn’t even spare me a second glance if she ever found out. As breakfast progressed I kept to silence. I didn’t really like to talk to people, not with the curse. Chiron ended the meal by slamming his hooves down onto the pavilion’s floor and the room went silent and as Chiron’s face scanned everyone it was obvious that he was about to tell some bad news.

“Campers, I have received word from the gods, they have given me a mission to send twenty give Greek soldiers to war against a monster filled mansion which has been connected to a mortal cult which may be preparing to bring down the Olympians with an unknown ability.” He said and this sent a mutter through the room but Chiron ignored it and was loud enough to speak over the muttering. “The cult has been connected to a man named George Darkwood…”

Whatever he said after that I don’t know, my mind went to mush after hearing that word. Darkwood. I am the hand of the Darkwood family. The words swirled around my head kicking out all rational thoughts. But there was one thought that sat at the top of my mind. This was my chance to get my revenge. This was the perfect opportunity, and at such a good time. What snapped me out of it was when Chiron mentioned signups for something. It took me a second to listen in and he talked about the mission and that we were teaming up with the Romans. When Chiron went over the risks of the mission and that afterwards eight people shall be chosen from the fifty soldiers shall go on in the quest to destroy the cult. And George Darkwood. I like that, I want to destroy him. When he asked for volunteers I instantly stood up, and people turned to stare. It was strange to see me wanting to go on a mission or a quest, I haven’t participated in anything. I have been offered many quests by different Olympians but I turned down each one, not interested in the quests and people here always want to go on quests so to see someone be offered so many but turn them down puts them off.

“I’ll go; I’ll get a place on the quest…that I can assure you.” I said in a loud and clear voice and everyone was silent by this proclamation but I took no notice of them and kept my gaze on Chiron who stared back and had this solemn look in his eye that suggested he knew why I was doing this, but that was impossible so I shook the thought away there is no way that he could know about it.

“Are you sure, Will?” Chiron finally said with just as strong and clear voice as mine, I paused at this then nodded confidently. This was my only chance. I wouldn’t get any other opportunity other than this. So it is only logical that I take it, why would I not take it?

“Yeah I’m sure.” I said looking away and he nodded and wrote my name down on a piece of paper, the sign up paper I presume. After a second of silence, I sat down and Annabeth gazed at me and I stared back but whatever she was thinking I couldn’t tell. After all the people signed up, including the seven the group disbanded, people heading towards their cabins. I was one of the first out, not really wanting to talk to anyone but Annabeth had other plans, plans that included talking to me.

She grabbed my elbow, forcing me to a stop and she took a second to just look at me, as if trying to piece my puzzle together. But I knew she couldn’t. Even I have not finished my puzzle. After a second she took a breath before saying. “You took me by surprise back there, you took everyone by surprise.”

“Do I care?”

“Not really.” She snorted and I just looked at her, not really knowing what to say right now. I should walk away. Right now. Just walk away. My hands clenched but yet my feet stayed on the ground and I sighed and turned away tired of the conversation already.

“Look, I just want to get packed.” I muttered; wanting to get rid of her so I began to walk forward but she followed me and I cursed silently and she gave me a smug look. I grumbled but said nothing as we walked into the cabin, people glanced up at as but before they stared at Annabeth but this time they were staring at me. I flicked them off before going to my bunk throwing clothes into my duffel bag, it was worn out, I had gotten in it the year I came to camp and I haven’t bothered replacing it. I ignored the whispers upon whispers that were going on around me and I was soon in my own world, thoughts shooting to and forth, each contradicting the other. After an hour I walked out slinging the bag over my shoulder, I could see in the distance Annabeth was already at the van, along with Percy and Piper. I was instantly put on edge when I noticed Piper and as usual she turned her head and we met each other’s eyes. It always happened, every time we were in the same room we just had this feeling that we were in the same room. I placed my gaze onto something else, but there wasn’t much to look at, I wasn’t particularly comfortable watching my sister kissing Percy so I really had no choice but to look at Piper who was shifting her weight onto one foot to the next.

“Nervous about the quest?” Piper asked, trying to start up a conversation and I sneered at her and she looked away but I may as well answer. In truth, I am a little nervous about the quest and mission, but I’m feeling more of the adrenalin, the anticipation to the battle than nervousness.

“I am not nervous. Though I’d imagine you’d be.” I said rolling my shoulders and she didn’t reply and I soon knew why as I heard the Romans arriving. Piper’s boyfriend, Jason, was at the head of the army. He decided to stay in Camp Jupiter after the quest to help Reyna but Piper decided to stay here. Jason often travels to camp though to see her as well as the rest of the seven who had decided to stay in camp half blood. I leaned against the van wall watching as Piper goes over to Jason and after a second of greetings they kiss. I looked away at that. It felt wrong to watch something as private as that. As I wanted to do something I began to count the Romans. Twenty five exactly, not one over or less. Even though I had mixed feelings about them I still respected their organisation. After a couple of minutes of greetings between the Greeks and Romans we began to pile into the car, I was squashed between the wall and Percy, closest to the driver. Percy generally ignored me as he was talking to Annabeth so I looked at the wall opposite me. I liked to talk to people but the conversations weren’t very nice generally as I had the curse. Dumb curse. I blew a strand of hair which had been falling over my eyes when Piper leaned over Percy and Annabeth, despite their protests and she poked her tongue at them then turned her attention back to me.

“Hey Will, remember that song on the piano you were playing? The first time we met?” Piper asked me and people turned to look at me and I sighed, I did not want that information out. Piper only knew that I could play the piano because she stumbled across me playing it. I’d always thought she just mentioned it a couple of times when talking about me, but now I guess she never told anyone.

“It was Bach, but I don’t see why you’d care though.” I answered her giving her a cold gaze but she looked over it but by Jason’s scowl I guess he didn’t look over it.

“I was just saying that you were pretty good.” Piper went on and I gave her an incredulous look, I knew she hated me, I know her friends, excluding Annabeth, though I’m working on her, hated me. So why is she so nice to me? Maybe she doesn’t hate me. No, that’s impossible of course she hates me the only person in camp who doesn’t hate me is Annabeth.

“Compliments will get you no where.” I snap and someone snorts muttering something to the person next to them and they burst out laughing and I glare at the two of them and they shut up pretty quickly.

“I was just trying to be nice.” Piper shrugged going back to her seat and I leaned back, my head hitting the cold wall of the van.

“And I do not need your niceties.” I muttered under my breath and after a couple of hours I already felt my eyelids droop and soon enough I was asleep.

“You’re really good.” I heard her voice call out, her voice echoing through the auditorium, when I did hear her voice I slammed the lid of the piano down; surprised that someone would be here let alone the girl in the seven. Piper Mclean, daughter of Aphrodite, head counsellor, dating Jason Grace son of Jupiter my mind instantly did and I nodded to myself, not bad at all, she’s got a bit of a life right now.

“And?” I ask her in my usual lazy drawl and she gives me small smile then stops and looks at me, I mean really look at me. Inside I was a bit uncomfortable but outside I was emotionless, letting her gaze over my bulky build.

“You’re that son of Athena they warned me about, Will right?” She asked looking back up then blushed obviously not meaning to ask it and I rolled my eyes at her but nodded.

“That’s me.” I said stepping out so I could walk towards her just to see how tall she was, but she only came up to my shoulder. Huh. She coughed into her hand, obviously looking a bit awkward and she glanced away and I stepped back. “So what's the reason you’re here?”

She faltered at the question and took a minute to say, “I heard the music so I came to see who was playing it.” “And are you pleased?”

"A bit.”

“Don’t be.”

Chapter twoEdit

My eyes fluttered open and people glanced at me and I knew why, I didn’t get any nightmares. Nightmares-or so what they think they are- are the after-effects of the illness, well more specifically the ‘medicine’ it gives me nightmares, well mostly nightmares. Bad ones, worse than the usual demigod dreams, what I dream of is the world’s rivers have been dyed red with blood, and the bodies which the blood came from have been discarded, bloodless and staring unemotionally at anything. And I am standing in the middle of it, my hand covered in their blood. I knew what it meant; it was my curse at work. My greatest fear, and each time I went through it I woke up in a cold sweat to be told I was screaming. But can you blame me?

But I suppose I didn’t have my…medicine today so I have been spared of it, but it is not a good thing. I thought of my dream-memory-as I sat there in the car feeling the bumps on the road, I checked the time and sighed, they said around three hours, I have an hour left, I slouched and my mind went to random thing to random thing. Annabeth to Piper to my curse to my father, I felt a pang of sadness hit my stomach but I shook it away, after nearly eight years it wasn’t worth getting sad over it all over again.

It was mostly silent when it came to me, I caught glances, confused glances but some of them were loathing. Good they should hate me; they would only get hurt if they liked me. That’s depressing. I sighed.

“Hey” Annabeth said and my eyes slid over to her studying her, her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and her grey eyes alive and alert. Yep she’s back alright, great; fantastic should hold a party for it. I sat up and nodded to her, but gave her no words to her; she sighed and continued “I was pretty rude before…”

I looked at her in surprise, as did many others, and it took me a second to reply “Yeah well my life isn’t any of your business” I hated what I said as soon as it came out but it was too late now for me to stop it.

The others glared at me, Piper rolled her eyes and turned away and whispered something in Jason’s ear and I turned away but Annabeth wasn’t finished with me yet, bother. “So tell me William," Oh look she’s angry now, “Did you have a pleasant sleep?”

Oh sure just had to put it like that, Clarisse La Rue made kissing motions at me but I ignored her and rolled my eyes “Yes I did, I met the mad hatter and Alice and played croquet with the red queen” I said mockingly and Annabeth smiled at me amused and I scowled at her.

Percy suddenly stared at me with a small frown on his face and I raised an eyebrow at him and he turned to Annabeth, and like Piper and Jason, whispered something in Annabeth’s ear and she frowned at him and turned away from me. What did Percy say to her?

The rest of the drive was in silence and we passed through to New York where we got food, I passed though, but took my medicine with Annabeth’s cautious eye on me from afar but I ignored her and kept my distance from them all, and they made no complaints about it.

We arrived at the house where the monsters are supposed to be and we hid in the forest surrounding the house and even I had to be awed by the place, the house or more correctly, a mansion was Victorian styled with green garden surrounding it with gravel paths weaving its way through the lush garden and a fountain in the middle of the gardens and the paths weaving its way towards the fountain. But the only thing that put everyone off it was the monsters crawling around the gardens

I scanned the area; thirty three areas of garden, completely surrounded by forest, one branch reached the fountain, 200 monsters. Even for us, this is going to be difficult, I frowned as my eyes kept going back to the branch over the fountain if I could somehow use that…my eyes went to the box that the Hephaestus cabin brought and a smile tugged on my lips.

Whilst the others were distracted I opened the box up and rifled through it, hoping it would be there. I grinned as my hands closed around a metal sphere, and with a quick glance at them I climbed the tree and carefully crawled along the branch with the device between my teeth.

“What’s he doing?” Annabeth asked frowning noticing her brother crawling on the branch, Leo snorted but it was Percy who spoke and Annabeth felt a knot of understanding fill her stomach but yet she understood why he didn’t like Will, after what Will did to her.

“Probably trying to kill himself” Percy shrugged and Annabeth gave him a sharp look which he ignored completely, and she sighed. Even after seven years of complete cruelty and harshness from him, she can’t hate him especially after the first moment they met, when he was only ten years of old. He was her baby brother; she couldn’t possibly hate him no matter how hard he tried to make her.

“Maybe a plan, he is a child of Athena” I said trying to protect him from their cruel words, and they looked at Annabeth sceptically and she shrugged and some of them scoffed at this and Annabeth grew annoyed, it was a lie, that whole being stupid is a lie, how can a child of Athena the goddess of wisdom be stupid?

“He’s an idiot, only in a million years would he come up with something good” Jason rolled his eyes and Piper smirked agreeing with Jason and Annabeth frowned and turned away to watch Will and widened my eyes as she saw him throwing something into fountain and already figured out what he was doing and a smile tugged at her face. Brilliant.

I threw the device into the fountain and on impact the water exploded and I hugged the branch as water flew at me but like I anticipated it avoided me thanks to Percy Jackson son of Poseidon, and the monsters were blinded by the water giving the demigods a chance to attack which they did, and as I saw Annabeth in front I guessed that she was the one to figure out my plans. I grin and jump down ripping my necklace off and it turned to a celestial bronze sword and slashed at the closest monster to me and it burst into golden dust.

The fight went on and on, and I lost track of how many monsters I killed but it seemed like millions but I knew it was probably only fifteen monsters, but it seemed more. Eventually the monsters thinned enough that the remaining monsters ran into the forest and the demigods yelled in victory then counted the deaths, but I leaned on a tree watching them instead.

After they found ten dead (how sad) they all sat down panting except for the seven who stood in a small circle watching over the demigods, how pathetic. I turned my gaze to the house watching its dark windows but too see no signs of life.

Annabeth walked over with Percy right behind her and I kicked myself off the tree, stuffing my hands into my pocket and Percy frowned deeper and I sneered at him and he clenched his teeth but Annabeth ignored this and looked at me studying and I raised an eyebrow at her.

“What you did was pretty smart” She said and I snorted and she raised an eyebrow at me and I smirked at her and she continued on “Throwing the water bomb into the fountain gave us exactly what we needed in this”

“Yes well, I just wanted to go on the quest” I shrugged feigning disinterest in her compliment and Percy clenched his fists and I glared at him but Annabeth rolled her eyes and then glanced at the mansion.

“Kind of creepy isn’t it?” She asked to no one in particular but I shrugged and she looked at me quizzically, a blonde lock of hair falling over her eyes but I ignored it.

“It means it’s got something to hide, 200 monsters protecting it, there must be something in there worthwhile” I said and they nodded agreeing with me and for the moment, Percy’s grudge against me seemed to be forgotten in that moment.

Annabeth turned to address the demigods but I made a move to the mansion, with Percy staring at my back, I did attract a few stares from people but I ignored them as usual, and I walked up to the door and my hands resting on the handle wondering if it was locked.

I sighed and turned the handle and swung it open and grinned whilst I walked in, it was musty, incredibly musty, and it smells like it hasn’t been used for years. It was all dark to and I felt for a light switch but there wasn’t any there which I frowned upon.

“Oi move out of the way Will” I heard Leo’s voice and I stepped away from the doorway and they filed in and suddenly Leo’s flame lit the Victorian style room, and I noticed there was only candles to light the place no electrical appliances in sight, guess that’s why there was no light switch.

“You don’t think that people have just dumped this place for like two hundred years do you?” Leo asked lighting the candles and I snorted and they turned to me and I pointed at a photograph.

“Oh yes they certainly coloured photography two hundred years ago” I scoffed but they didn’t answer but stared at the photo, after a second I turned and gaped at it before carefully walking over with Annabeth behind me.

That’s impossible” I whispered as I picked the photo up off the table, ignoring the others I stared at the seven year old boy in the picture, the boy had black hair and blue eyes and was smiling, supposedly at the fish he had caught. The boy in the picture...was me.

Chapter threeEdit

I stared at the photo before slamming the photo down and clenched my fists fuming and no one made a sound, I know what they are thinking right now. Will is connected to George Darkwood, he could have lived here when he was younger, but I didn’t, I was raised in the country true but my father was never rich, he could never have owned this unless…

Suddenly I felt agony pouring through me as that day came to my mind. ‘Will run!’ the blood spilling over the floor. His yell of pain. 

“'Will?!?” I heard Annabeth’s voice pull me out of my mind, pulling me back to the present, though I was still a bit shaken up from the onslaught of memories that bombarded me before I quickly covered it up though painting a face of disconnection on my face.

“Yes?” I asked her, my fingers playing with my shirt, as I had dived in there without armour, they stared at me in shock and I knew why instantly. I have never shown real emotion before, except this one time and that emotion was pure agony. If I look at their faces I know they are figuring out I am hiding something. Something important. 

“Are you…ok?” Annabeth asked me, silently studying me and I stared back until she glanced at the photo and we were all silent for a moment before walking towards a random door and I was about to go through the door before Annabeth called out and I stopped “Will! Do you know George Darkwood?”

I paused thinking through the question, if they knew they would figure out the curse and I can’t let that happen. I thought for an appropriate answer and when I did find one I turned smiling with a dark humour that only I would understand “No, I have never met George Darkwood”

I was in a hallway alone and there was no one in the hallway with me, when I heard the voices coming from a room, and on further investigation I found that the voices belonged to Percy and Annabeth, and naturally they were talking about me.

“What I think is that he is a spy, I mean why else would his photo be here?” Percy said exasperated and I rolled my eyes as I listened in, it was obviously there to say ‘I know your there Demigods, from George Darkwood’ of course, I am the only one who knows why he chose me as the person in the picture.

“I don’t know Percy, maybe George Darkwood placed it there to say he knows we’re here” Annabeth snorted and I smiled to myself, exactly Percy, makes much more sense that way, why would I be a spy for George Darkwood of all people!

“Why do you defend him Annabeth?” Percy hissed and I stiffened at this, Percy was Annabeth’s boyfriend, and he’s talking to her like that? Even if it is about me but whatever, he shouldn’t talk to her like that.

“Because Wills my baby brother, of course I am going to defend him!” She said and I inwardly groaned, she did not just call me that, and have I been too soft? Should I have been harsher on her? 

“Oh yeah, well this baby brother of yours made you burst into tears in a matter of seconds, remember that Annabeth?” Percy snapped and I felt shock run through me, I made her cry! Part of me felt guilty, incredibly guilty but yet at the same time relieved because she can’t love me, she can’t like me. None of them can.

Annabeth was silent before she replied her voice steely calm, and yet it had the same effect as if she was yelling “Though I did…cry at what he said…I felt…how to put it…as if he didn’t have the heart to do it but yet did it anyway, he’s hiding something, something big”

I didn’t hear Percy’s reply as I was already walking away stuffing my fists into my pockets, who was I kidding? How could I keep that I had a secret from her, she was to smart for that, next thing I know, she will find out that I am dying, I wonder how they would react, if they would care at all? Or would Annabeth be the only one that will mourn.

I was in the study or a small library, and was just scanning the shelves when I stopped at an old leather bound diary, I took it out and opened the cover and widened my eyes at the name inside. Harrison Cliff. My father, but why would he be here, and the picture it’s like George placed everything here, like he was mocking me, I felt rage blow up inside me as I gripped the diary, and in the heat of the moment I had ripped up the diary into a thousand little pieces and threw it into the trash. 

After I did so I relaxed back onto the bookshelf, my breathing hard and after a few minutes I exited the room and walked down the darkening halls before I felt my heart jumping in my chest and I gasped bending over, stumbling back. My vision blurred and I leant against the wall. My illness, I exerted too much energy today, I was an idiot, and I should have stayed in the background.  

I suddenly coughed hard and I breathed once before another fit of coughing came to me, but instead I coughed up blood, and it splattered to the ground, dripping down my chin, and I panted hard, before another round of blood.

I heard a running of feet and I felt hands on my shoulders but I was already out and the hands caught me as I fell to the floor. The yells sounded in my ears but even when I will be awake I do not know who’s that yell belongs to.

Chapter fourEdit

I gasped as I shot up and looked around; it was dark, incredibly dark and I rubbed my eyes, curious to know where I was…was I still in the house? Or was I transported somewhere else? Did they carry me or something?

I fumbled around the bedside table and my hands caught on the lamp and I switched it. The light zoomed through the room illuminating everything, I wasn’t in the house as there was electricity, so where am I?

I looked around and frowned at a box, it was my medicine, they must have searched through my bags the idiots. I swung my legs over the bed and shakily got up then nearly tripped if I didn’t place a hand on a chair. I stayed in that position for a second before sitting down.

I looked down at myself, someone must have dressed me for I was now in a white plain t-shirt which clung to me and casual black pants. I sighed and shakily got up and stumbled to the door and opened it.

I explored the house, it was bigger than the other house and I could tell the rooms in this hallway were bedrooms to the campers, but there were double the campers as there are bedrooms, they must be bunking with each other.

I chuckled to myself, my illness got me a room by myself, I then sighed, I’d rather be with someone than have my illness but yet, my curse and illness are like two sides of a coin, the illness would be like a relief to me but also the illness only brings sympathy, and sympathy leads to love which is dangerous.

Suddenly I heard someone gasp behind me and I turned to see Piper staring at me with a glass of water slipping through her hands and I caught it despite my curse, some of the water spilling.

We stood there awkwardly, me holding the glass and her gaping; finally she took the glass and mumbled a thanks before pushing past me and into a room leaving me there. I sighed; it was probably for the best they ignore me.

The next morning I went down to the kitchen some glanced at me most were icily but none made comment on my yesterday’s illness. They were use to it I suppose, it happens sometimes. But yet I could tell some of the glances were mixed with shock and…sympathy? Why would they be giving me sympathy?

Annabeth walked up to me and before I could protest dragged me out of the kitchen and into the privacy of a lounge room. The room was nice, with big black leather couches, the kind of couches you could just sink into. The other decorations were a mahogany coffee table and portraits of the Olympians.

“Where am I?” I asked before she could talk and she sighed and I knew then she was hoping to ask me something important, but yet I interrupted her. I bit back a laugh.

“You’re at the Olympian Apartment, its where the Olympians crash when in the mortal world, they have lent it to us, for this quest, its situated in New York, its big enough to fit the whole entire world inside, it has everything you want, from a gym to a greenhouse” She explained and I nodded, but like me she interrupted before I could ask another question “Your dying”

I froze in shock and it all pieced together, they all know, they know. Oh god they know, my meeting between Piper and I last night, she wouldn’t even meet my eyes. I opened my mouth but Annabeth didn’t let me speak.

“You’ve been taking a drug which kills you exactly ten years after you got addicted; the medicine was the drug wasn’t it? Those dreams were an effect of taking it, how long do you have left Will? How long, you came here when you were ten years old, something happened that day was that when you became a dying addict? Will you die when you turn twenty?” She snarled furious at me and I scowled at her, how dare she? “No I became addicted when I was eight, I will die in three weeks” I snapped and she jerked back in surprise and I groaned inwardly, should not have said that, I should not have said that.

“Three weeks…” She whispered, looking heartbroken, and I grew scared at this, she can’t, she should not even care about whether I live or die, the curse… “Then why did you…why did you even come with us?”

I didn’t answer and she pieced it together “Because your connected to this aren’t you? Everything, you’re add-illness, the reason you make everyone hate you, the reason why you stood up yesterday, why you showed your fighting skills, and how smart you are” She breathed and I turned and she called out to me “But I do not believe you’re a spy, what you seek is revenge, why though? I don’t know, but I intend to find out, whilst finding a cure for your illness”

I froze and turned back stiffly “But why not let me die? You do not care for me, you do not like me, I made you cry, why care about whether I live or die?” She widened her eyes and looked as if the air inside her was sucked out, and I knew she loved me, right there and then. She can’t though, she can’t love me. She’ll die. She didn’t say anything so I walked back to my room, unable to process this.

She can’t love me, if she does; she’s in danger, just like she was.

Chapter fiveEdit

That afternoon the Gods arrived to announce the people who will go on the quest, and I must admit, I was actually kind of nervous. But I had to go on the quest, I just had to. It might be the only way to lift my curse.

Zeus sat at the head of the table, with the other Olympians spread out on the sides with the demigods at the end of the table. Annabeth casted a sad look in my direction and I scowled at her but she ignored me.

“Demigods!” Zeus boomed down in a deep voice and we gave him our utmost attention, well other than me of course but nobody seemed to notice this time. Shame. “We watched your battle and have come to a decision. The eight people that will go on the quest are the seven and William Cliff”

I breathed out in relief and the demigods that didn’t go on the quest scowled at me in jealousy. Suck on that suckers. The Gods were silent until Apollo took over from Zeus and I looked at the blond man.

“I have consulted the oracle” he said and Annabeth snapped her neck at him and most leaned forward, but yet even though I do not mind prophecy’s I suddenly felt a sense of dread pour into me, and I was curious. Apollo breathed in before saying the prophecy and I stiffened at the words.

Through endless lightning he shall call

For the exiled to take the fall

But he who sinned shall never be free

From the Curse that was decreed.

And the heroes final breathe

Will be the one to lay down the final death”

The Curse…shall I not be free from it, is what I am doing now fruitless in the coming battle. Darkness is his friend, would that be me or someone else, but the curse…oh Gods.

The Gods nodded and Athena spoke up and we turned to her “I do not know of the curse that the prophecy spoke of but I gather we shall find out. George Darkwood under further inspection is a son of Apollo, and yet also under further inspection he has raised children each from the twelve Olympians, separately, one from Zeus, Poseidon, myself, Aphrodite, of course the male children must have been kidnapped when they were babies”

We were silently stunned by this and yet someone asked the obvious question “Why though?”

“Because George Darkwood plans to replace the gods, the only children he doesn’t have are Athena’s version” Zeus explained and Annabeth stiffened whilst I frowned, if he has eleven children that are all demigods, as three of them children of the big three…this will be difficult.

“So the demigods are all kids yeah? I mean he can’t just skip Athena unless he hasn’t gotten around to it…” Jason said and we nodded agreeing to him and Athena brought out a piece of paper.

“My child disappeared eight years ago, when he was ten years of age” She explained and I stiffened…but that would suggest…no it isn’t possible, George Darkwood killed my father, my father even has pictures of me as a baby so it isn’t possible.

“Oh…but without him, the… ‘Family’ would be incomplete” Annabeth said and Athena nodded agreeing with her and Annabeth thought it through “And he cannot just pick up one random child of Athena, can he? He must have done something to prepare them”

“Right, but what preparations they are, I do not know” Athena shrugged pushing the paper into the middle of the table which supported this information; I did not want to see it. “The child is unnamed as only George knows which demigods are ‘his’ so right now your mission is to locate the son of Athena, and figure out what they are doing”

We nod and the Gods disappear and the people who aren’t going on the quest go off to pack their things and go back to camp, Annabeth stared into mid air thinking through it, and then Percy yawned earning a whack on the head by Annabeth and he rubbed his head, mumbling under his breath.

The eight demigods looked at each other and nodded and walked to George Darkwood’s house and hid nearby and noticed the people around the place, though they were dressed casually the demigods could see the concealed weapons and some close enough were talking about the man himself.

“Yeah, did you hear? Georges sensei, Ron I think his name is, he is trying to do that experiment he did a couple of years ago” The man said snorting, and we gave each other a nervous look “I swear that power just creeps me out, I swear the Olympians don’t have that power.”</span></p>

Annabeth frowned getting through this information, could it be possible that they have something that overpowers us, but that’s impossible…right?

“Yeah, do you know if George still keeps in contact with Ron?” Another one asked and the original guy thought about this then shook his head.

“Nah don’t think so, heard once George told Ron what his plans were Ron left him on the streets. But I heard they have talked to each other once a month” He shrugged and I leaned in to hear them better “Ronald Frank his name is, most people know him for his inventing skills”

“Oh yeah I heard of him”

I glanced at Annabeth and she nodded at me, seems she too have heard of the inventor. Seems it’s time to pay him a little visit, I gave this message to Annabeth through facial expressions which she instantly agreed with me. 

Chapter Six

When we had walked to the door, I expected some house with cobwebs but I didn’t expect that a ten year old girl to open the door with a huge black dog. The girl beamed at us, her bright green eyes looked up at us happily, her long pale blonde hair waved down past her shoulders.

A man around the age of sixty, with kind brown eyes and greying brown hair but not as pale as the girls hair, walked up behind the two and studied the eight of us, his eyes resting on me with evident surprise. Most of the demigods glanced at me, and I finally recognized him but I kept a straight face.

Annabeth stepped forward gaining Ron’s attention and she said “Hello, Mr. Frank, we are the children of the Olympians, and are here for information about George Darkwood and his plans against Olympus”

Ron opened his mouth in surprise then laughed “Yes I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, bound to happen someday, come in, come in, are any of you hungry?”

He let us through the girl and the dog jumping back to let us through, we walked in and before Annabeth could say no to the question Leo jumped in saying “Famished” Annabeth glared at him but Ron just laughed and led us into the kitchen, the kitchen was one of those you would find at a house where pay was moderate, the kitchen sink was full of dirty plates and the tables surface had stacks of papers discarded everywhere.

Ron noticed it was a mess, and coughed embarrassed and started to clear it all up and after a second of hesitation Annabeth started to help him, much to Ron’s surprise and relief.  Afterwards Ron sat us all at the table.

“Imogene, why don’t you go play with Maxi?” Ron asked the girl, and she nodded happily and exited with the dog trailing behind her enthusiastically and I watched them leave but then she turned back to Ron, as if wanting to say something but instead hurried off out of the room.

Ron sat down across from us, and took a moment to stare at all of us and Annabeth took this opportunity to introduce everyone to him.

“Mr. Frank I am Annabeth and this is Percy, Piper, Jason, Leo, Hazel, Frank, and Will”

“Been a while hasn’t it? You were what? Nine when I last saw you right?” He asked me skipping over the name, guessing I had changed it, and of course, as he was smart he knew why.

“Right, I believe I was still playing soldiers then” I sighed and Ron laughed but said no more on the matter but the others gave me a look saying that we’ll talk about this later.

“What do you want?” Ron asked us and Annabeth explained our situation and he nodded at took a moment to think it through.

“Our power is the power of creation, we can make things in a second, whether it be offensive, defensive or for fun. It is the ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy. We can reconstruct, deconstruct, and comprehend the meaning of matter.”

“But that’s like playing God!” Jason said standing up to show his shock whilst I felt a dim sense of familiarity but it couldn’t be that could it? I mean that was all for fun and games, something to show off.

I stared at my hands whilst Percy and Jason started to rant on how that was impossible but yet Annabeth made no comment, I glanced at her and she met my eye and I knew she had been watching me of all people. Damn she’s smart.

“Perhaps you need a…demonstration” Ron said standing and walked us to a plain room with no furniture but on the floor was chalk, the chalk make stars in a circle spread out around the room. Ron went to one and knelt at it and outlines the circle with his index finger and by that movement black flames erupted from the circle and when it died down there was a statue of the seven of us and we jumped back in surprise.

“But how could…how could they use that to defeat the Olympians?” Annabeth breathed out in wonder and Ron shrugged

“You can do many things with this, when I was teaching George…he seemed to have an unnatural obsession with human transmutation and turn Humans into something which he didn’t ever tell me”

There was a stunned silence in which Ron took the time to stand, and led us deeper into the basement.

“I have a library stock on information on this power which you all could use” He said and Annabeth leapt onto this opportunity, and most of us rolled their eyes to each other.

“We’ll gladly take it” She said and Ron led us into a dark musty library and I instantly went to books and started to read and quickly got deep into the books ignoring the looks from the others.

“He can read?” Leo asked to no one imparticular but some snickered at it but Piper surprisingly gave Leo a whack on the head, Leo grumbled whilst rubbing it but I was already deep into the book that I had in my hand.

We weren’t interrupted by Ron but I heard Annabeth mutter questions whilst the other six tried to read the books, but being dyslexic it was difficult for them, but being that I wasn’t dyslexic I could read easily.

This power was something, on which you could create something from a pattern on the ground, whether it is a sword or a doll. But to make these things, you have to have something already there.  Parallel trade, they call it. It is very powerful but takes a while to draw.

But there are two rules you must follow, one, no Gold, two, no Humans. But George Darkwood was planning to use the powers to do something to         humans, which would be breaking that fundamental rule? Which would mean George Darkwood is more obsessed than I thought he would be…

No I don’t have any evidence that George Darkwood is doing whatever he is doing, we need to go spy on him first before we get anything solid proof. I sighed to myself then stopped as I felt someone tug at my leg.

I looked down to find Imogene looking up at me with her big green eyes, she was holding a platter of cookies, they looked good, chocolate chip, and they smelled warm so must be straight out of the oven. Yum. 

“What?” I asked her feigning annoyance and she beamed up at me, I gave her a withering look but she ignored it and raised the platter, obviously asking if I wanted to take one. I stared at the cookies before turning back to the books, giving her the cold shoulder and she pouted.

“Please Mister Will, I made them specially for you guys” She said lifting the tray higher and I scowled at her, the others looked at me obviously wanting me to just take one, but yet I held back. This girl seemed to be one of those types that just love everyone.

“No thanks, they are probably poisoned” I sniffed turning away and her eyes suddenly were filled with tears and I gave her a withering look and snatched a cookie anyway, just to stop the tears, she beamed at me and skipped away and I glared at her. How manipulative.

Chapter Seven


Save him” the blood soaked ghost cried out to her and she stuffed a pillow over her hair in attempt to block the ghost out. 

“Shut up” She groaned annoyed at the ghost. She thought Nico was the only one that could get ghosts, but yet here she was. Being annoyed by a persistent horrific ghost, how Nico could deal with them she will never know.

Save him” The ghost repeated and Hazel groaned exasperated. Who was she talking about anyway?  Only Hades would know…or Pluto…Damn Greeks…their corrupting me…oh well they're awesome. 

“Save who?” Hazel finally asked the ghost but she kept on going with the same two infuriating words. Hazel sighed and stared at the ghost. She seemed around fifteen years old, with curly black hair and blue eyes. Hazel knew she would have been pretty in real life, but dead well she was covered in blood for starters. She seems to have been shot in the chest and the blood dried up on her pyjamas. She looked strangely familiar, like she's seen her on the streets but Hazel doubted that she had just passed her on the streets.

  Hazel sighed pulling the covers over head hoping to go to sleep. Her sleeping pattern had kept on being interrupted, she feared that the pattern will never be correct again. As she closed her eyes she could still hear the hollow voice of the ghost whispering into her ear and she finally understood when people said 'I think ghost's are haunting me.' 


I walked down into the kitchen with a killing headache, I had to take some painkillers later on, in the kitchen I found everyone watching Hazel who squirmed under everyone’s gaze. I turned away and rummaged through the fridge.

“Hey Will can you come over?” Percy called over to me whilst I was grabbing yoghurt then I put it back. I don’t want stuff with bits in it. I grabbed the juice.

“No I am busy” I called back and there was silence so I sighed to myself and elaborated “I am eating, and that is my priority. I am hungry. So I shall eat.”

 I went over anyway and sat down in one of the chairs, they stared at me for a few seconds and I yawned at them. Annabeth sighed and Percy just turned away rolling his eyes.

“Ron.” Annabeth asked me and I sighed knowing this was going to appear sometime. I stared at the ceiling a bit tired. I should take my medicine. My head hurts.

“I knew when I was younger, we’re not related to each other but he was close enough I called him uncle” I yawned leaning back onto the chair the others glanced at each other, surprised. So of course they asked the obvious.

“And you don’t know George Darkwood?” Annabeth pressed and I rolled my eyes at her, she already knew that. Told her in the mansion.

“Nope, never met him in my life” Said to them and they all sighed, I watched them and asked “As I said in the mansion, do you all have a memory problem?”

“No, but it is possible that your lying Will” Annabeth pointed out, her grey eyes looking a bit suspicious but more curious than anything. The others were openly suspicious of me, but I had no interest for that, I was innocent, I do not like George Darkwood in the slightest, so if I am innocent then the truth will eventually come out.

“I swear to the river Styx that I have never met a guy named George Darkwood” I said to them rolling my eyes, they glanced at each other and they seemed to accept this when I swear.

 “Will…who’s your father?” Annabeth’s question stopped me; I had never said a word to them about my father except the day I had arrived in camp. I did not like the lie I said back then, saying that I was glad my father was dead, I hated it.

“My father is Harrison Cliff, I have proof of that” I snapped at them and stood up “Now excuse me but I am going somewhere away from you lot, don’t bother trying to find me as you won’t”

I walked out of the room closing the door behind me, I sighed in relief as I had just gotten out of a looming interrogation, they didn’t know how I know George Darkwood but I don’t know him at the same time. I know how ruthless he is, I do not underestimate him. Not like they do.

I walked deeper into the apartment, not bothering to remember the way I go to my room. But I found a hall with a grand piano pushed to the middle; it was dark and small, not as big as the other music hall more closely to the rooms, much smaller actually. But it was peaceful and isolated, like I wanted it to be.

I sat down in front of the piano, opening the lid to skim fingers over the ivory keys, the piano was well kept as if someone comes in to clean it once every hour, but it was most likely that the Gods had made it automatically clean. What a shame.

After a few minutes of gazing at the beautiful instrument, I began to play, letting the conversation of my father flow into the piece. The photo in the mansion, the attack. It went on and on and as I played alone and isolated. Like always. I closed my eyes as I got deeper into the song, my fingers barely touching the piano as I played, my father’s voice filling my ears when he taught me how to play, it seemed so long ago when he taught me. 

Chapter eightEdit

We were back in Fred’s library, back to studying, neither Piper, nor everyone else was talking to me, Piper probably told them after she left the room.  Right now, some of the others were talking to Imogene whilst they were researching.

“So where’s your mum?” Leo asked her and she looked up smiling shrugging at the same time. She was drawing on a piece of paper, what she was drawing, I don’t know. I was only half listening to the conversation, but I was bored. “Daddy said that she left to visit her family”

“When was that?”

“About four years ago” She said shrugging and I tilted my head up to her frowning. Four years…that was when Fred did his experiment of his. The one that the buffoons were talking about back at Darkwood’s house, the experiment which they were talking about was making a talking dog. Obviously with this power. But the talking dog died a few hours later only saying ‘Kill me’ but no one would so it starved itself to death. “Oh, and has she called?” Annabeth asked her, also thinking of the experiment that happened four years ago, Imogene shook her head and showed the picture that she was drawing. It showed her holding hands with Fred and who I guessed was her mother, she wrote above it in her messy writing ‘Come home, I miss you’

“I’m sure she will come back after she see’s that” Piper reassured the girl who beamed at her happily. I sighed turning back to my research. This was strange, and I don’t like it.

It was later that night, when everyone else had left and I had decided to do some last minute studying that I had passed the empty kitchen. I paused as I saw a burnt piece of paper in an ash tray. I was curious and walked over to it, peeling it open, trying to decipher what it was. Though most of it was burnt black there was a small bit that was visible. I widened my eyes. It was the picture, the picture she drew. Imogene’s letter to her mother.  But why would someone burn this, no, why would Fred burn this? It made no sense, unless he didn’t want the mother back, or she’s dead and he hasn’t told Imogene about it. I sighed as I realised that this was none of my concern and with that thought I exited the house, shaking away the seeds of doubt forming in my mind. It was no business of mine to meddle with family business, for if I did, I would be a hypocrite. I drove back to the apartment but as I was walking up the path, I patted my pockets and frowned. I didn’t have my keys, I considered knocking the door but sighed, better to go back and get them, and anyway, I had an uneasy feeling something was about to happen. As I drove, thunder boomed, rattling the windows and my hands clenched the wheel, the knuckles turning white. Something was about to happen, and I didn’t like it. Not one bit. I sped to the house and ran up the stairs; the clouds were purple above the house which made me cautious. Was Fred doing that experiment, the goons were talking about? I raced into the house calling out “Hello?” I stood there waiting for Imogene to come running out to greet me, like she usually does. But the house was silent, not even a sound of a dog. I gulped and went down to the library then stopped as I saw a door with a light on and frowned. I headed to the room and inside I saw Fred with something beside which made me widen my eyes and gave a small gasp. Beside him was a dog but with long blonde hair and large green eyes. “Will!” Fred exclaimed in surprise, I couldn’t tear my eyes off the strange dog to look at Fred “I didn’t expect you to be here until tomorrow” "I forgot my keys” I said as I walked to the dog “What is this?” "My successful experiment, half human, half monkey!" Fred exclaimed, obviously excited by this and I widened my eyes "It can even talk" As if on cue the hybrid animal looked up and stared at me right in the eyes. "He…llo…" I bent down to be eye level to the animal and stared at it in curiosity and wonder, a hybrid of animals, created by a mortal, with no trace of Olympian blood. This was a breakthrough. If the cult were to gain this animal….who knows what would happen. Fred went to his desk and rifled through the papers and then started to get all scientific, and explained what he had done. "Big…bro…ther…Will?" The hybrid breathed out and I stiffened widening my eyes, of course. It was so obvious. Four years ago, he had managed to create an exact replica of what is in front of me right now, but on the same day his wife disappeared. And now his daughter and dog disappeared…I turned my head and glared at Fred. "Fred, where is Imogene and Maxie?" I snarled interrupting his little speech, he stopped and turned with a slight smile on his wrinkled face, confirming my theory. What was in front of me was no half dog and monkey. What was in front of me was half Dog half Human.

Chapter nineEdit

I stood up barely containing my fury; I titled my head to glare at the aged man who looked at me slightly amused, as if this is what he expected of the son of Athena. The candle which lit his desk flickered, though why he didn't just use a lamp, I don't know.

"Curse your mother's brain's, it would have been so much easier if you never figured it out!" Fred exclaimed and I gritted my teeth unsheathing my sword, I am going to kill him. I am going to make every heroes death seem like a walk on the beach.<

"You bastard, you freaking bastard, how dare you take an innocent life" I yelled at him shaking and Fred chuckled and I blinked in surprised not expecting that then shook my head and glared.

"Hypocrite, weren't you the one to take your friends life, she did nothing wrong and yet she's dead" He taunted and I stiffened. Ella…was my fault…but she was shot…but….maybe….I shook my head closing my eyes to rid my head of these thoughts.

"Shut up" I hissed and flew at him with my fist, dropping my sword onto the ground, he didn't bother to fight back as one of my hands gripped his shirt whilst the other flew at his jaw again and again. My eyes were wide with fury, both at the hybrid and at him and how he called me a hypocrite for having the curse and taking innocent lives.

"I am ashamed to know someone like you, like all of you demigods, George was right…he is right, the Gods and their spawn deserve to burn in hell" Fred spat and I stopped my fist clenched in the air, and I figured it out. He was always in league with George Darkwood. We were fools to believe that he wasn't.

"Go on" Fred taunted me "Go kill me. See if I care"

I was tempted to. I had every reason to, but…why was he giving in so easily? Surely he would put up a fight….unless this is a trap? I widened my eyes as I realised this as I lowered my eyes to his hands and saw he had been drawing a diagram into the ground.

"No" I whispered and leapt for it but he had already finished it and pressed down onto it and suddenly something exploded behind me and I whirled around, dropping Fred and froze.

On the wall behind me which was the only place clear of posters or anything was now covered with thick red, nearly black, blood, and beneath the blood was a carcass, its ribs sticking up in the air whilst its skin now blown apart was scattered around it and its muscle stuck to the bones and the skin. I fell to my knees as I realised who it once was. Imogene. The little girl flashed through my mind. The picture. The cookies.

Suddenly the door burst open and Annabeth and Percy ran in, with Jason close behind. They looked me and then to Fred and who had stood up and they examined the bruises on his face then at my knuckles.

Percy stepped towards me as if to arrest me but then Annabeth stopped him "Percy, help Fred out of here, Jason go search for Imogene, leave William to me" I didn't react to my lengthened name, I just sat there on my knees, my bruised hands clutching my pants.

Percy helped Fred out and I barely noticed that Fred could barely walk after my beating. Jason had already left leaving me with Annabeth who bent down next to me.

"Will, why did you betray us?" She asked and I felt hurt settle in and I wanted to look at her but I couldn't take my eyes off what remained of Imogene and Maxie. Annabeth, seeing that I was not going to reply any time soon and looked up and paled at the sight of the bloody carcass.

"I don't…understand…." She whispered in horror shaking "What….is that?"

I finally got the courage to talk "That is Fred's experiments…he did the same thing with his wife…that is what remains of Imogene and Maxie"

Annabeth stumbled back after she heard this, her face a bit green and she twisted around and quickly emptied her lunch onto the floor but I did not react to this, I just stared.

Finally Annabeth stood up shakily but standing and dragged me up from the floor, I think she thought that I was too weak to walk but I managed to get out of the room, though I had my hand on the wall to steady myself.

We found Fred and Percy outside and Annabeth stormed up to Fred pushing him down easily much to Percy's surprise. Annabeth scowled down at Fred who rubbed his head after the fall, it was probably going to bruise now.

Percy, go get Jason. Imogene's dead" Annabeth hissed and Percy widened his eyes and ran back into the house to get Jason. Annabeth dragged Fred into the car and sat beside him to make sure he doesn't escape and looked up at me but I nodded to my car and walked towards it, and got into the front seat, I took a minute to breathe and get ready to face a whole lot of questions and then drove down the road my hands closed around the steering wheel, turning white.</p>

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