Major CharactersEdit

Prince MarquisEdit

The ruler of the powerful kingdom of Death. He is a son of Pluto and the twin brother to Adeliz. He ascended the throne when his mother, the queen, died. His age is 15. He controls many of the monsters from his father's realm, using them and his soldiers as his main forces of fighting. He is described as a handsome young man with "eyes of pure evil, his pupils containing the very soul of a demon from Tartarus". 


A daughter of Pluto and Marquis's twin sister. She was initially seperated from Marquis to undergo training as his maid, and she faithfully serves him. She also acts as Marquis's personal spy/assassin. She is a beautiful young woman with short blonde hair. 

Princess KailypsoEdit

Princess of the village of the Sea. She is a daughter of Neptune. She frequents the Kingdom of Death to speak politics with the Prince. She fell in love with the commoner Daniel.


A mortal from a small village north of the kingdom of Death. He came to the Kingdom of Death to spread his wings with the better oppotunities there. He managed to meet Princess Kailypso and spends a lot of his time with her. 


The revolution leader in the Kingdom of Death, who looks to overthrow Marquis. 

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